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    Publisher: reality blurred + the reality TV news digest
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    reality blurred is a frequently updated look at the world of reality television, edited by Andy Dehnart. It includes original, exclusive news; interviews with producers and cast members; reviews of current shows; and biting analysis of the day's reality TV news and gossip. As the first publication dedicated to covering the genre of reality TV, reality blurred has, since July 5, 2000, presented the latest about television's most derided and beloved genre. mission statement I created reality blurred to collect and discuss the most fascinating and intriguing content related to reality television. Despite reality blurred's comprehensiveness, its mission is not to cover every moment of every reality show in existence. Instead, it exists to cover those reality shows that I find to be newsworthy or interesting. As a journalist, I do original reporting and cite and link to other primary sources whenever possible, and as a writer and TV critic, I offer analysis that's informed by my observations and knowledge. The focus here is primarily on US shows that meet my definition of reality television (below). The best and worst are covered the most thoroughly, and those shows have their own archives. While I love the competition, reality blurred isn't a message board, a recap site that recounts every second of every episode of every reality show, or a bulletin board for propaganda. But I always welcome suggestions, tips, or press releases. While much of reality blurred's content consists of shorter news stories, reviews, and analysis, it also includes a section called exposed that features longer essays on culture. Contributing writers include Jesica Davis, Kathy Douglas, Aaron Michael Gordon, Amanda Klein, Sarah Jersild, and David Neiwert. Comments and corrections are always welcome, as we are all fallible, opinionated human beings, and people do disagree. Contact reality blurred. about reality television This site covers reality TV (or unscripted television, if you'd like to get formal), but not many people agree about what constitutes reality television. While Survivor broke new ground in the summer of 2000, the genre had been around for years—from MTV's The Real World to PBS's early 1970s An American Family, which is really the grandparent of modern reality TV. In truth, reality-based programming has been around since the dawn of commercial TV; game shows and talent programs have been part of television essentially forever. Reality television, then, is a subset of nonfiction TV, which is television that involves real people, but nonfiction TV is not reality TV. In other words, I consider reality TV to be dramatic, soap-opera like TV shows that follow real people in real or artificial contexts for a period of time. Reality TV can have a game element, and in some cases, it can even have different casts from week to week (like Fear Factor), but for me to cover it here, the show has to focus primarily on the human drama that results from the situation its cast members are in.
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