Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, retargeting
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Realzeit is a young and tech-based company in the field of online marketing and real-time advertising. We are building an advanced service solution for programmatic buying with a focus on mobile devices with the goal to increase the ROI of your customer's marketing campaigns.

We use the lastest technologies to ensure a both reliable and easily customizable system to adjust to your specific needs. On top of this, we use advanced statistical and deep learning methods to focus, understand and act upon user behavior. And all based on a highly scalable infrastructure.

We furthermore understand that fraudulent behavior becomes an increasingly large problem for advertisers and leads to a considerable waste of marketing budget. Our mission is to increase your ROI. Therefore, we focus strongly on identifying and preventing you from fraud to deliver only high-quality users. This is ensured by ourWe thus follow a user centric approach and a fraud detection algorithm which is deeply integrated at the core of our technology.

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  • Desktop Display, Mobile Display, Social
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    Mobile marketing, mobile advertising, retargeting
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    Realzeit is a youthful and tech-based organization in the field of internet marketing and ongoing advertising. They are building a propelled administration answer for automatic purchasing with an emphasis on cell phones with the objective to expand the ROI of your client’s promoting effort. They utilize the most recent advancements to guarantee a both dependable and effortlessly adaptable framework to acclimate to your particular needs. On top of this, they utilize progressed factual and profound learning techniques to center, comprehend and follow up on client conduct. And all in view of a profoundly adaptable base.
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