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    Publisher: Apartments for Rent – Find Apartments
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    In the last 15 years we have helped over a million renters look for a new place to call home. Through other businesses started by our founders, we've helped another 4 million people get settled when moving into a new place. We understand moving and we want to help make it as simple as possible for you. We started helping people find apartments before any of us were ever wired and connected together by the Internet. In those days, we worked just like a real estate store, you came in and we provided a very cool, free service matching people with apartments. The Internet Changed Everything Then the Internet came along and connected us with renters in a totally different and easier way. As a result many of our customers started asking us to help them without coming to one of our stores. So we asked our customers exactly what they wanted and we took our 15 years of experience, yes, 15 years of sitting face to face with over a million renters and we developed the most powerful apartment search engine on the planet. Lets Give Some Money Back To Our Customers We took it one step further and decided to give our customers some cash back when they move. Here's why and how. We are apartment experts and apartment owners pay us to help them fill apartments. We are like a form of advertising in that they pay us when one of our customers rents at their property, pretty simple. Since we no longer have the overhead of a retail store, and we understand that movingusually chews up some extra cash, we decided to pass the savings on to our customers as a cash back payment. Property owners pay us for referring you to their apartment, we keep a little andgive the rest back to you. cash back rules Apartment owners like it too, they know everybody can use a little extra cash when they move.
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