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    Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a sponsor for RunwayDaily! We're absolutely thrilled you're checking out our rates and hearing about what's in store for you. We've finally reached that pivotal point in our blogging career where we feel it's time to seek out sponsors and be more selective with our advertising. We've cultivated quite the fashion and beauty obsessed community here on RunwayDaily. We are growing at an incredible rate and are continually receiving praise and respect from the fashion industry's most respected companies and individuals. We think you will find your advertising dollars as money well spent. We've worked with dozens of designers and fashion companies over the years and we have sent new consumers, added business and future growth their way. We're opinion leaders, movers and shakers and we know that placing a link to your company will entice and draw in added interest to your products on a daily basis. Are you ready to dive right in? Email us right away: Advertising@RunwayDaily.com We understand that in order for you to say YES to advertising on RunwayDaily, we might need to give you some info in order to further your decision making process along. Statistics on our audience are as follows: Worldwide readership of fashion and shopping enthusiasts Interests include (but are not limited to): fashion, beauty, design, online shopping, travel, lifestyle brands and luxury retailers The average reader is a 24-32 year old American woman...young, well-educated and affluent Over 75% of our readership visits our site more than four times/week Some facts about our site that might interest you: Over 1 MILLION+ unique page views to date Averaging 48,000+ page views per month Averaging 1,700+ page views per day / 11,000+ per week So what will this sponsorship offer you? A 24/7 banner link image on our sidebar during the entirety of your paying sponsorship Inclusion in our monthly Savvy Sponsors post where you can include discounts for our readers (ex: 20% off this week only with code RWD at checkout) or even highlight a new item in your store After your sponsorship ends (which we hope it never does) you will still be placed on our list of sponsors for our readers to reference forever You'll have the ability to reach over 1700+ Twitter followers, over 700+ Facebook friends and nearly 375+ RSS Subscribers Please note: RunwayDaily reserves the right to reject advertisers they feel are not appropriate for the site. We will only endorse in products/companies which we believe are suited to our purposes and audience Let's get to the good part...how much will this cost you? A 160x320 ad space is $75/month or $200/quarter A 160x160 ad space is $50/month or $125/quarter (Please note there is a $25 discount when you commit to a quarterly contract.) Ready to jump on this fashion loving bandwagon? Or do you still have some questions? Either way, please email us at: Advertising@RunwayDaily.com Also note that we are happy to receive and review a freebie from your company but we reserve the right to decline if your company or product are not well suited for our audience. If it is a good fit, we will let our readers know about it on the site...free of charge. Blog opinion posts create an added buzz for your products. Please email us at: Advertising@RunwayDaily.com if this is something that interests you. Lastly, just to say THANKS we're also offering 50% OFF your first sponsorship payment to any of the wonderful companies we've previously mentioned or worked with. You know who you are and we know who you are so don't try to tell us otherwise. Have you sponsored a giveaway? Then you're up for 50% off a sponsorship right here on RWD! Have you done a Designer Chitchat or Q&A with us? Yep, you are 50% off too! We appreciate the time and energy you've already given to our growth so we are paying it forward and letting you know. See, it does pay off to be gracious, giving and awesome!
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