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Publisher: Sailnet.com." - The world's largest online sailing community"
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Sailnet is a company based out of 3864 Leeds Ave, North Charleston, South Carolina, United States.

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    Publisher: Sailnet.com." - The world's largest online sailing community"
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    From the beginning: Rob Proctor and Michael Dever met at the University of Vermont and immediately shared many interests; from collecting and selling special edition albums and promoting bands to play on campus, to financial trading. That lasted a couple of years until Michael moved on to another school (You can read into that). Their friendship continued, and upon graduation both went on to pursue careers in the investment management and hedge fund business. Michael started his own business from his bedroom and Rob set sail and joined a trading company but soon ventured off on his own. During that time, Rob bought his first sailboat, a Little Harbor 38. It was on a very windy day that Mike joined Rob for the maiden trip off the coast of Florida. They were headed North in November and every other boat and the wind was heading south. The boat and the crew got a workout and as with any new boat, those areas that were going to be problems were quickly exposed. The laughing and word jousting was persistent -which made for an exhausting yet enjoyable sail. Years later Rob followed his sailing passion and in 1997 started an online boating supply website, Cyber-marine.com. It wasn't long after that Mike soon partnered with Rob to launch marine.com, an online boating superstore. Marine.com combined Rob's sailing passion with Mike's business vision and strong team of Internet pioneers at Mind Drivers, LLC., that resulted in Marine.com becoming a leading boating supply superstore long recognized for outstanding service, knowledge and great pricing.
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