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Construction of Information Resources - Virtual Site
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Civil Engineering of the road with the goal of being a source of information on the Internet Virtual Site was established in 2009. Virtual Construction as well as of civil engineering; architecture, safety, personal development in areas such as articles are published.

Since its inception as a web page it is also the director of the largest Civil Engineering Construction facebook page active in both virtual social media.

The founders
Mustafa Aksu - Civil Engineer
Muhammad DEMİRKOLL - Civil Engineer & Occupational Health and Safety Specialist
Halil Jagatai SUN - Civil Engineer

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    Construction of Information Resources - Virtual Site
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    Facebook, twitter and instagram 170,000, which is close to my followers and more than 150,000 monthly display area at affordable prices can advertise a virtual construction site. Advertising options Banner advertisingAdvertising Areas Monthly, 3 months, 6 web pages can give our banner ad in a monthly period. Banner ads appear in all sub-pages and mobile web site. Advertising space is like on the right. Natural Advertise existing article text or product promotion text prepared by our editors for your product, we shared our website with visual and social media accounts. Book of civil engineering, architecture, job security is done in professional fields such as promoting your book is shared with links to purchase. Get detailed information about the advertising options for iletisim@sanalsantiye.co my email address or contact please contact us page.
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