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    About me Hello Sandra's Easy Cooking readers, Sandra's story: Pin on Pinterest I am small town girl with a big dreams, as I would say. I lived in many places, moved many times, but on the end I haven't seen the world just yet with my open eyes. Kids came along, and I simply live for them. My biggest supporter, my right hand is my husband, who is not only my love but also my best friend. We have three children Aleks, Anna and Daniel-three years apart and they are such a beautiful and unique three individuals with amazing talents for many things! Growing up, I didn't have much support from people that raised me, however I do have to make an exception for couple of amazing aunts and uncles -incredible bunch of people that I will never forget and I am forever grateful for their existence. With absence of many things, my childhood had to be fast forwarded and I grow up faster than perhaps average teen today and learn everything on my own, that includes cooking too. My life made me stronger as a person, and as a women because I choose the right path to be what I am today. I came to US 16 years ago, and I can only say LIFE is GOOD because it gave me family, harmonious life, new chapter and adventures journey to look forward to every single day! There is good karma and bad one...after all! Pay it forward has a meaning for real! So my life learning advice is "don't let the dreams chase you, instead you chase after your dream". ~o~o~o~ BLOG AND RECIPES: I focus on budget friendly recipes that are very easy for anyone to prepare. I took advice from my husband and started Sandra's Easy Cooking in September, 2010. I wanted to show how easy it is to prepare home cooked healthy and balanced meals and still enjoy quality time with the family. Here on my BLOG you can find well over 400 recipes from all over the world and everything is done by me. I take pride in what I do on daily bases. I enjoy not only Cooking and Photography part, but also creating something out of nothing and sharing with people around the globe. I eat and cook a lot of Asian influenced meals for my family, but to be more precised recipes from Cuisines such as Korean, Japanese and Chinese. However, we love Thai dishes as well as Vietnamese. Also, you can find many recipes that are spicy, mild and non spicy dishes on my blog too. Generally speaking I was never a picky eater so food represent comfort and enjoyment to me, and you can find many other cuisines like I said from all over the world, and some tasty sweets that my family and I love and eat often. Developing and testing recipe is not a challenge because I have full house and all of them have different taste palates. I have fun adjusting recipes so majority would truly enjoy! PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is something that I loved my whole life. I wanted to pursue it as a carrier when I was much, much younger but was discouraged and I just gave up. However, I continued always to keep my passion alive, and now as an adult I call it not only my passion but a job, and photographer in training who is never done learning more to become better. I use for all my images Sony NEX 3 with 55-200mm, 55-210mm and 18-55mm lens (I upgraded from 18-55mm when I first started to now 55-200). Also, plan in the near future is to do few more camera and lens upgrades, and perhaps switch from Sony to something more professional, and food photography friendlier. UPDATE* From Feb.2014 I will start using Canon EOS 60D Pictures on my blog are all done under natural light with photo reflectors that are balancing the light and gives you more natural picture. For the editing I am pretty satisfied with Lightroom 4 , although I am tempted to try LR5. ~o~o~o~ Little more about me: I am extremely shy person...like really shy! I cannot live without music and I do listen music even when I'm sleeping. I am a shower singer if you know what I mean. Joke on the side, music is my therapy, it is healing my heart and soul so I need it daily just like my next subject...coffee I'll take Coffee over any drink...although I love tea and that peaceful tea time ones a day. I enjoy pencil drawing, especially portraits. Favorite dishes...it's hard to pick because I love food and pretty much open to taste anything....however Korean and Italian cuisines are my favorite. Favorite dessert...You bring nutella and I'll bring the spoons... ahem big scoops. But real dessert, hm! I could never ever pass on the tiramisu or creamy pie!!!!:) I LOVE Green Tea {Matcha} Frappuccino, my homemade and from Starbucks which are different but I enjoy them both. Spring is my absolute favorite season. Thank you all for stopping by. Your comments and emails are touching my heart in a good way everyday. All this wouldn't be possible if your dedication haven't grow so big. I can only thank you again from bottom of my heart for all your support! Thank you for visiting today and come back soon! Sincerely, Sandra P.S. Please, keep in mind that I am working hard to test these recipes and to shoot my images so please ask before taking the pics from my BLOG, and of course always link back if you do take a photo. I really don't have any problems if you are using my recipes or images and posting on your blog/website BUT do add where you saw it, and do not take the watermark off! Thank you very much, I appreciate your understanding! contact me: secooking@gmail.com
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