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    Publisher: Super Coupe Club of America Forums
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    Super Coupe Club of America > Advertising Now that we have completed the VBulletin software upgrade for the forums, SCCoA has resumed the Banner Ad program. The cost is $150 per year. If this is something you are interested in doing, simply send the $150 by Paypal to this address paypal@sccoa.com and reference "Banner Ad". Then send a PM to David Neibert notifying that payment has been sent. SCCoA will then create your initial banner ad based on your logo and will link it to your website or FB page. This will usually take a few days, and your one year subscription doesn't start until your banner ad is up and running on the SCCoA forums. To allow sufficient ad exposure, we will limit the number of banner ads on SCCoA to a maximum of 10. The sequence that ads are displayed, is controlled by a program that randomly displays another banner ad each time a new page is clicked or a page is refreshed. All the ads are displayed with equal frequency by the ad management software. At the end of the first year, you may also request a copy of the Banner Statistics Report that shows the number of clicks and other activity for your banner ad. If you would like to support SCCoA with a Banner Ad subscription, but would prefer to use a banner ad other than the one we have created, you are allowed to supply an alternate banner ad (one time per year), so long as it meets the following specifications. 468 (wide) x 60 (tall) in a PNG format that truly has a blank/clear background. Banners with solid backgrounds, animation, multiple pages, scrolling text, changing colors or in a size or format other than listed above will not be accepted. SCCoA also reserves the right to accept or reject any banner ad for any reason. Once the ad is placed and activated, there will be no refunds unless SCCoA fails to display the ad as agreed above. In the unlikely event that were to happen, you would receive a pro-rated refund. If you have any questions please send me a Private Message on the SCCoA forums. Thanks, David Neibert
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