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Publisher: Scrummy Lane - A place to share a passion for good, unfussy, international food
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    Publisher: Scrummy Lane - A place to share a passion for good, unfussy, international food
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    [scrumptious + yummy = scrummy ... in case you were wondering!] Currently (but temporarily) residing in Perth Australia, Mr. Scrummy and I are gradually (via Greece … more about that later) making our way ‘back’ to my original home in the UK. Luckily, while being this complicated, we’ve managed to travel quite a bit in the time we’ve known each other, take lots of photos and sample plenty of the local street food. Here in Perth, weekends often find us jogging around the lake so that we can guiltlessly sit in the sun afterwards scoffing a basket of potato wedges with sour cream and chili sauce and putting the world to rights! So why the blog? Well, after weirding my family and friends out with my strange food photography hobby over the past few years, I guess I’ve finally found something useful to do with it! If nothing else this will be a fun and tidy way for me to archive my recipes for myself … but of course I do hope that some of you will eventually find and enjoy some of the recipes on here too! So what exactly will you find here? Well … (drum roll) … I’m definitely more of a cook than a baker, but I have been surprising myself with a little baking spurt recently, so who knows?! I’m not usually enthusiastic about making 20-ingredient recipes unless I’m really excited about the result, because for me cooking/baking is about using the few every-day – or at least fairly easily available – ingredients I have to create something delicious and healthy (well … mostly healthy!) in the least amount of time possible! Well, let’s face it, we’re all mostly time-poor, especially mid-week … but we’re still HUNGRY and like to eat GOOD FOOD! I really do enjoy learning what people from all over the world like to cook and eat at home every day and attempting to make some version of it myself; pad thais from Thailand, pestos from Italy, mee gorengs from Malaysia, quesadillas from Mexico, spring rolls from Vietnam … I might just have a go if it seems like a recipe I can reproduce easily and even half-way authentically. Final disclosure (disclaimer?) … I have spent many years in the Greek sunshine stuffing myself to contentment with Greek salads, moussaka and ‘tiropites’ and ‘spanakopites’ (delicious cheese and spinach pies), so … well, let’s just say my recipes may sometimes feature a little too much feta cheese! Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me by email [helen@scrummylane.com] if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, if you’re interested in working with me (recipe development, sponsored posts, brand ambassadorship, food photography etc. – I’m eager and willing if I feel that the opportunity fits in well with the character and ethos of this blog) … or if you’d simply like to introduce yourself!
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