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    Publisher: Download Free Fonts - Search Free Fonts
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    SearchFreeFonts has grown since 2003 to become a leading font resource on the web. Our audience presents a unique, cost-effective opportunity for our advertising partners. Our goal is to serve relevant quality advertising in the fields of typography, design, and web development. Your goal is to drive relevant quality traffic to your website. Here is why we are a good match: 1. High Traffic Alexa Rank: 16,779 Over 500,000 unique visitors/month Over 2,500,000 pageviews/month 2. Excellent Visibility Banners: 200x125px or 728x90px Large horizontal ad at the top of the page, 728x90px. Since the ad is large, there is plenty of room to create a selling message or a special offer, then have a button on the ad that says “click here for our special of the week” – Medium box ad at the top of the page, 200x125px Large horizontal ad at the bottom of the page, 728x90px. 3. EARNINGS Earnings: On average every Unique Visitors on SearchFreeFonts.com spends $0.10. Clicks: On average banner ads on our advertising network have 0.2% Click-through rate. 4. Demographics Geographical breakdown of visitors to Search Free Fonts: USA 40.11% United Kingdom 6.15% Australia 4.64% Canada 4.00% Japan 3.34% Germany 3.28% India 2.85% Mexico 2.70% Philippines 2.64% Brazil 2.14% Italy 1.99% France 1.60% Spain 1.52% Indonesia 1.12% Argentina 1.12% Netherlands 1.11% Malaysia 1.08% South Africa 0.97% New Zealand 0.83% Taiwan 0.81% All Others 16.03% 5. Easy Administration And Reporting We offer an online dashboard so you can view campaign activity and results. See your click through and impressions summary for all advertisements or select a specific ad and view it’s performance. You can also track activity by date, type of activity and advertisement. 6. Featured Products on Font Tools (Resources) pages We can add your products with full description on Font Tools page and customize content with product image. 7. Featured Links on all website pages We can add your website URL to our “featured links” section that will be displayed on every page of the website. The links will provide relevant clicks and relevant backlinks to improve your search engine optimization (SEO).
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