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Publisher: Seeded At The Table — Sharing joy through food, community and travel.
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    Publisher: Seeded At The Table — Sharing joy through food, community and travel.
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    My Name is Nikki… Thanks for visiting! My name is Nikki and I am the recipe developer, photographer, writer and publisher here at Seeded at the Table. After spending seven years behind a corporate desk in the suburbs of Chicago while putting my husband through graduate school, then spending two years in Southern California as a Pastor’s wife, I am now building my roots as a stay at home mom in Mississippi. My family consists of the ×love of my life, Ben (the professor) and our sweet sons, Judah (the big brother) and Simon (the baby). Why Seeded at the Table? I started cooking and baking as a newlywed in 2005. Friends and family took notice of my new-found ×love and started asking for recipes I tried and liked. Because my friends and family were all across the country, I decided that posting the recipes on a website would be much easier than writing them down or emailing them separately. Hence, in February of 2007, I started my first food blog called Pennies on a Platter. At that time, I wanted to focus on cheaper recipes and share money saving tips, which is how I came up with the title. As the blog developed, my main focus shifted to finding new ways to advance my culinary skills so I can hopefully instill in you a new confidence in your own kitchen. Because my motto is: “If I can do it, you most definitely can, too!” As time went on and my family grew, my passion moved away from frugal cooking and developed more into a desire to share community at the table. So, after six years of blogging as Pennies on a Platter, I decided it was time to re-brand. And, honestly, the idea for Seeded at the Table came to me 1 1/2 years before actually launching the new site. But, we were going through many life changes (moving, babies, job changes, etc.) that it had to be put on hold. In February of 2013, I finally launched Seeded at the Table! My goal for Seeded at the Table is to write about more than meals we can share together as a family at the table, but to also incorporate other activities at the table. Examples are having friends over for meals, kids’ craft ideas, family devotional time, game night, etc. We don’t even have to be thinking about the dining table, but maybe what do you do to fellowship or be nurtured (and nurture others) at a coffee table, a desk table, a side table, maybe even a massage table! ;) My husband may even contribute some of his DIY wood-working and handyman skills from the workbench table! There is so much joy and community we can experience together at the table. I hope you will continue to follow me in this new journey and passion, as we learn together how to nourish our family time together, build friendships that are everlasting, make meals for the hungry, and not forget to have fun while doing it all! My Photography, Forever a Learning Process Being self-taught, I ×love using this blog to chronicle growth in my culinary and photography skills. I’ve gone through a few different cameras and lenses since 2007, starting out with a small Canon point and shoot. Currently, I shoot with a Nikon D7000 (thanks to my father-in-law!) typically using this portrait lens and this Macro Lens. I have a ways to go in my photography, but looking forward to learning something new every day! Get in Touch Whatever reason you’re here, I’m glad you found this little space of mine on the Internet. I ×love hearing from everyone, so please either leave me a comment, fill out the contact form, or email me at seededtable [at] gmail.com. Feel free to send me your ideas and let me know how you spend time with family and friends at your own table!
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