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Publisher: How to Write, Produce and Sell Your Books or Ebooks
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    Publisher: How to Write, Produce and Sell Your Books or Ebooks
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    Self Publishing Magazine editor and publisher, Laura Ramirez, invites you to subscribe to her newsletter on writing, traditional & self publishing and promotional and marketing techniques for learning how to build a business selling your book, ebook or digital products through established venues or on the internet. Laura's first book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting has won four awards, including one given by Martha Stewart's company, Omnivision. Ms. Ramirez's self published book won its category, competing effectively with books by well-known authors and New York publishers. She has gone on to publish a companion workbook, a DVD-series and a number of other books, ebooks and other digital products. Laura built this site to share what's she learned with others who also want to get into this exciting and fulfilling field. Her newsletter, Self Publishing Magazine, covers a variety of subjects from writing tips to formatting your book for publication, download or Kindle to marketing strategies that will allow you to sell more books that you thought possible. (Laura's own self published books are still selling, ten years after publication.) Periodically, she also offers specialized trainings via webinar. self publishing magazine As an author, publisher, webmaster, teacher, workshop leader, keynote speaker and frequent radio show guest, Ms. Ramirez has a busy schedule. If you would like to contact her for an interview or propose a joint venture or find out about advertising on her site, please use the Contact Us.
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