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    Hi, I’m Sarah. Lover of Jesus. Wife to a super hot ;) and supportive hubby… we’ve been married for just over 3 years now ☺. Mommy to a sweet and mischievous two year old. Full time case management, Registered Nurse in the ER of a large hospital. I also moonlight as a Wellness Advocate and Wannabe Blogger Extraordinaire… and I absolutely love it! I’m addicted to researching, and love to learn about all sorts of things. My main focus lately has been on topics relating to health, family, real-food nutrition, sustainable living, and best practices for natural wellness and nursing (just to name a few!). My family and I really started delving into this world of natural living, when our eyes were opened to the many toxins in practically everything we were consuming (from cleaning products, to beauty stuff, and especially our food!). I am passionate about sharing this information with those I love, and whoever else may find themselves questioning and ready to learn! Here on Sensibly Sustainable, you’ll find information related to my personal experiences and research… mainly on topics relating to health & wellness, nutrition, and of course Practical (Sensible) Sustainable living. I hope you will find something useful or, at the very least, interesting here ☺ Thank you for stopping by!
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