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    She Runs in Pearls was conceived as I was running during a workout and realized I forgot to take off my pearl necklace. They kept hitting me in the face! Then I thought back to the times I have washed my car, run a quick few miles around the neighborhood and mowed the grass – all while wearing my pearls. Boom! New blog name. My original blog, Work in Progress, began in February, 2008. After four years with the same name, which happened to be a fluke to begin with (as in, I couldn’t figure out a name – so I named it ‘work in progress’), I decided to make the jump to a permanent domain and launch a new name. So what is She Runs in Pearls? It’s merely a lifestyle blog. So simple, yet so complicated at the same time! So who am I? Well, I am a very confused, 26-year-old public relations professional living in South Mississippi. While I know what I want out of my career in life – I’ve yet to pinpoint my purpose on this lovely place we call Earth. In other detailed specifics – my primary love language is affirmation. I like to affirm others, because I believe everyone has something great that they can contribute to the world. That sounds like some hogwash beauty contest answer, but it’s true. I try to see the glass half full, but I am a realist to the core. In a team building/personality test in college, I was classified as the person on a sinking ship that would tell everyone we were doomed – because logically there was no way out of the boat. Sometimes I have to check Debbie Downer at the door. I have a puppy (read: 65 pound DOG) named Stella. She will consume most of this blog because she loves me the most. Okay, so my parents beat her on that notion – but she’s always happy to see me. I named her Stella after my favorite character on CSI:NY, and then I figured I’d probably yell “Steeeeeeeeeella!” quite often and I would be able to channel my inner Marlon Brando. I work for a local health care facility as the advertising and design manager. It’s a wonderful job, that keeps me incredibly busy and stressed – but the end result is always worth it. I get to be creative and nerdy – which serves my purpose in life (well, at least one of them – I think). I also love food. I like tasting my way through the cities I travel to and I despise eating at chain restaurants in a new place. I have an addiction to french fries. It can be pretty bad sometimes. I have to check that craving at the door, also. The door has a heavy load. I run to stay fit, but I also run to get away from everything else. I’ve been running for almost three years and it’s by far my favorite exercise activity. I’ve completed two half-marathons, and while I contemplate running another sometimes, I talk myself back out of it. I remember the pain the days following, way too well. Recently I took up a CrossFit oriented training with Versus Strength & Conditioning. It’s hands-down, one of the best things I have done regarding my exercise drive. I feel faster, stronger and better – making running so much more fun! Back to the blog… This blog will mostly consist of posts geared towards food consumption, exercise and my love for friends and family. Every now and then I do sponsor-oriented posts and offer giveaways. It could get exciting, so you should check your bookmarks and make sure I’m on it!
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