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    WHY ADVERTISE IN THE SIERRA SAGE? A recognized brand: The Sierra Sage has been around for over 15 years. Publication of the print edition was suspended due to the economy and rising printing costs with plans to reintroduce as an online e-magazine. Ask around the northern Nevada markets - the Sage is well recognized ... and it’s back. Established local market: The Sierra Sage was one of the few publications supported by both a subscription base and physical distribution throughout the Reno/Carson/Tahoe markets. Proven reach for extended markets: The print Sierra Sage had subscribers in every state. With the online format, the broad national reach will extend with ever greater depth and breadth. Appealing philosophy: The hallmark philosophy of the Sage is “Reason, Justice and Common Sense.” That appeals to a broad base of readers. Qualified readership: Based on it’s somewhat conservative values, the Sage reaches readers that tend to have higher education, disposable income and utilize services more than others. Broad topical appeal: The Sage offers over 20 columns appealing to most every area of interest - it’s not just about politics. Value: Rates start at $22.50 a month and can meet your needs for up to full-page messages, still at reasonable rates. SHOULDN’T YOU BE IN THE SIERRA SAGE? Call or email today. Email: Len@SierraSage.com Phone: (775) 790-5504
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