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Publisher: Silversurfers - Over 50s Lifestyle & News Website
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Silversurfers.com is the leading web portal and social network for people aged over 50 in the UK.

The audience are the 15 million adults in the UK aged over 50 who are online and have 80% of the UKs wealth with £175 billion of disposable income.

With over 15 million people aged over 50 online in the UK and 6 million of them having a Facebook account Silversurfers.com is already the UKs largest over 50s online social network. Our research has found 50-60 year olds were most likely to use the internet to find information about goods and services. Currently 15% of all their spend on products are purchased online by the over 50s which is a 25% increase since 2010, with people over 50 spending +£2,000 per annum on average in online purchases.

Each week +2,500 people are joining the Silversurfers Facebook site. We have over 110,000 people as Facebook friends and we have had up to 500,000 people engaging on the Silversurfers Facebook site interacting, meeting new friends and commenting on the latest news and views. One post can generate up to 60,000 comments alone.

Silversurfers has a range of powerful advertising packages based on display adverts, content, newsletters, social media and information. Packages start from only £150 per month up to £4,000 per month reflecting the exposure to the over 50s audience our clients require.

For more details on this exciting new website please go to www.Silversurfers.com or contact us at 07817 208 425

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    Publisher: Silversurfers - Over 50s Lifestyle & News Website
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    Advertising with Silversurfers Silversurfers.com is a new major UK lifestyle portal and social network for the 15 million over 50s who are online in the UK. The over 50’s market which represents 80% of the UK’s total wealth (£205 bn disposable income) is increasing by over 700,000 individuals per annum, with an online spend growing by 12% a year. There are 6 million over 50s on Facebook and our community is highly engaged with up to 440,000 ‘talking about this’ per week comparable to Premier League football clubs and “A” class celebrities. We offer a number of channels to market including the website, Facebook page (and other social media) and the Slivercard discount card. Silversurfers.com promotes independent brands and services. Website Structure Our aim is to provide useful and intersting information for our community. Silversurfers.com has thousands of editorial features split across a number of interest areas: travel, lifestyle, culture, sport, health, food, finance, technology, property and motoring. MORE INFORMATION ON SILVERSURFERS WEBSITE EDITORIAL FEATURES Media Information We have a number of interactive and creative opportunities for advertisers seeking increased engagement. Featuring customisable content, unique executions and impactful formats. MORE ABOUT SILVERSURFERS MEDIA INFORMATION Demographics 72% of the Silversurfers Facebook community are female. demographic Women aged 55+ are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. MORE INFORMATION ON SILVERSURFERS DEMOGRAPHICS Metrics Daily unique visitors: 15,000 Facebook community: 115,000 (growing at a rate of 4,000 per month) Engagement: up to 440,000 talking about this
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