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Publisher: Save money by sharing the latest coupons
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    Publisher: Save money by sharing the latest coupons
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    So why did she start Sister Save-A-Lot Coupon Site? Sister Save-A-Lot began when Antoinette was being asked, how she bought items for next to nothing. Her favorite past time is shopping and spending time with her daughter. By not spending much on groceries or everyday necessities, this will provide the income for Antoinette and her daughter to do any activity possible. Why name my site Sister Save-A-Lot? Antoinette always shopped using coupons. While on this journey, she do not see a lot of African American women who shop for all types of items using coupons. Antoinette felt that the African American community can benefit from being frugal and have a lot more money; that can be used in other areas in their lives. What is the goal of Sister Save-A-Lot? The goal of Sister Save-A-Lot is to help you save money by sharing the latest coupons, sales and rebates available. By letting Antoinette do the work; you will save time while saving money. Advertise with Periodic Ad Zone Banner Size Est. Impressions 30 Day Price Contact Us to Learn More Leaderboard 468×60 500,000 $750 Home Sidebar Premium 300×250 300,000 $500 Home Sidebar Bottom 120×240 250,000 $300 Home Sidebar Bottom 125×125 200,000 $200
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