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SkoolLive has always revolved around a simple idea: to make school a place students ‘want’ to be instead of ‘have’ to be. The way we see it, a child’s education is the single most important aspect of their growth process. In order to give them the knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to society, they must not only go to school to learn, but want to learn. Our mission is to improve schools across America to make them more desirable places for students to be.

We have created the first ever entirely digital on-campus kiosk network that schools can utilize to earn revenue while also enriching their students’ school experience. To learn more about our SkoolLive kiosks and how they can enhance your school, please contact us!

SkoolLive currently offers national brands and small market local companies direct access to school campuses all over the United States.

Our digital kiosks allow for a way to engage and interact with students, parents and facutly within your community. You will be able to receive maximum exposure for your business, far exceeding the level of reach, a banner on a sports field or a logo on a scoreboard could ever attain. Our digital kiosks allow you to implement Call-To-Action initiatives into your marketing campaigns. Our on-campus digital kiosks provide more value for your business than you will get from any other traditional forms of media.

One of the reasons businesses chose to advertise through SkoolLive is because we give back to the schools we work with. All the revenue we generate from media placements and sponsorships is shared with the schools that ran those placements.

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    Starting as a small artist development company, bringing unsigned bands to schools during lunchtime, SkoolLive has quickly transformed into the first nationwide, on-campus digital network. With SkoolLive: 1. The student’s school experience is enriched. The speed and quality of school-to-student communication is improved with state-of-the-art digital technology. 2. Replacing printed posters and banners hanging on fences, with high quality digital ads requiring less space, reduces visual clutter, moves schools into the digital age and saves tons of time, money and trees. 3. Advertisers are able to engage students with visually engaging, interactive digital ads, while financially supporting schools. 4. Schools are able to generate much needed revenue that can be allocated to important Programs at the discretion of school administrators.
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