of smartphone specialized achievements reward pay-per-DSP
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    of smartphone specialized achievements reward pay-per-DSP
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    Our (CYBER agents), in compliance with the guidelines is a member organization "Institute Internet Advertising Promotion Council (JIAA)" is set, based on the guidelines on the use of our acquisition information, to the user like you can see the ad against it, it offers advertisement distribution service for the purpose of displaying the right ad. In addition, cyber agent Co., Ltd., as the Association (JIAA) member, for all media companies like, guidelines on the use of the acquired information and, we have recommended guidelines compliance for action Tagetigu advertising. From the present service "Smalgo", is a service that users like is to use the visit history information access to mobile apps and web sites, to deliver the best ad to the user like that had you visit. It should be noted that, for the apps and browser you are using the user-like, and transmits the identification number and Cookie for ad serving acquired to obtain the user's consent to record this, that refer to these acquired information in the action history information accumulated, we use for optimization of ad serving. These use the information, referred to as the "Get Info". To "get information", keywords and ad clicks history of user-like searches in the past, and the like past of advertising display history, IP address, the time you have access to the site, the browser that is used at the time of site browsing information will. It should be noted that income as a "get information", accumulation, to use the information, personal information (name, date of birth, address, telephone number, e-mail address, user ID, ​​identify a specific individual by the credit card information or other description, etc. does not include possible ones) is able to, specific individuals by the "get information" to grasp, but there is no recognized it, you will be equally handling. ※ With regard to the handling of personal information our privacy policy (guidelines for obtaining information) please visit. In addition, "Getting information" that are available in the Smalgo directly, does not in any way be provided, disclosed to third parties. The Company, the user like a Irassharu been interested interest, be beneficial to the user like information (advertising) the action history information in order to provide ( "Get Info") to the user like that has become a setting that is stored , it offers advertising using these "get information". On who your understanding of the above, according to the Smalgo, users like you do not wish to display ads using the acquired information, please click on the button sorry to trouble you, but "(opt-out) to disable" the following. After you disable (opt-out) because there will be a button "Enable", if you want to enable it again, please click there. Incidentally, if the user recommendation has been utilized a browser other than currently available, if it is carried out replacement such as a computer terminal, the like when it is reinstalled OS, requires a re-invalidation (opt out) you.
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