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Smart Local Shoppers
Publisher: Printable Discount Coupons Restaurant Coupons Local Promotions
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Building alternative local marketing platform to help local businesses publishing local promotions and local coupons by GEO targeting local shoppers nearby. Help local businesses creating professional local coupon marketing, reputation marketing and no boundary marketing plan and acquire local shoppers.

WIN-WIN local shopping spirit!

Shop Smart! Shop Local!

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    Publisher: Printable Discount Coupons Restaurant Coupons Local Promotions
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    It's All About Return On Investment. Traditional direct mail cost local business $129 to $400 or more a month with average 1% (up to 2%) of the coupons returns. Direct mail is limited by zip code. Business pays more to cover more zip codes. SmartLocalShoppers.com's location based and keyword targeted local marketing platform with no physical boundary on the Internet. Anyone from anywhere in the world can find your promotion offers by searching for keywords that we optimized for a specific local business. Our high coupon printing rate (up to 45%) means greater return on investment. We Want You To be The #1 We push our website to be the #1 local promotion engine, so we have to confidence to bring local business more exposures and more sales. Advertiser will received search engine optimized business page with the most relevant keywords we set for the business. We have track records to bring local business #1 on the Internet cross the nation.
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