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Publisher: Stock Trend | Stock Alerts and Market Technical Analysis | Comtex SmarTrend
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Smartrend delivers real-time stock alerts to its users every day. SmarTrend, based in New York, is a leader and pioneer in stock analytics and has offered its products to the trading public since 2005.

Smartrend currently offers three products; Advanced, Professional and Advisor. These products are based on proprietary models that enable users to outperform the market and maximize profits on a consistent basis. Utilizing these models takes the human emotion out of trading and takes advantage of the decades of development.

SmarTrend Advanced and Professional research platforms monitors 5,200 symbols and issues real-time trend alerts and offers powerful analytics features.

SmarTrend Advisor issues trade signals and allows users to follow its L/S stock model portfolio in real-time.

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    Publisher: Stock Trend | Stock Alerts and Market Technical Analysis | Comtex SmarTrend
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    Advertise with SmarTrend SmarTrend is the ultimate destination website for active traders of stocks, options and ETF's. Advertisers can reach this sought-after demographic of educated, affluent and active traders in a number of specialized ways. Unique, Niche Content & Loyal Following SmarTrend’s compelling news and content attracts loyal audiences. The content has a strong focus on market moving stock news with a unique focus on technical analysis, thereby offering advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect with a niche audience of traders and investors. Sought-After Demographic SmarTrend's audience includes all levels of investors from beginning to experienced, who rely on SmarTrend’s analysis, news and innovative tools to help them make informed investment decisions. Our demographics indicate a prime audience for advertisers looking to target not only active traders and investors but also an educated and affluent audience. Please CLICK here for our 2010 Media Kit. For more information and to inquire about advertising opportunities, please contact our Ad Sales team via email, adsales@mysmartrend.com.com.
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