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Publisher: Ski Packages, Snow Ski Vacation Trips & Deals, 2014/2015.
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    Publisher: Ski Packages, Snow Ski Vacation Trips & Deals, 2014/2015.
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    Why target destination skiers & riders? The National Ski Areas Association reports that destination skiers spend three times more money than day skiers. They typically ski six days per trip, making them the most profitable consumer group on the mountain. These are the the same skiers & riders that SnowPak.com has been targeting for ski resorts, central reservation companies and ski vacation wholesalers/tour operators since 1992. We can do it for you too. "We've worked with SnowPak.com since 2000 and have been very happy with our results. We look forward to continuing our relationship in coming years." David Yoo Marketing Manager Winter Park Resort Skiers & riders come to SnowPak.com looking for ski vacation packages. Most request packages with air and stay for 4 or more nights in a condo. Almost half travel to the resort with their kids. Travel Profile 79% fly to the ski resort. 91% stay 4 or more nights. 41% stay 6 or more nights. 41% stay in a condo. 52% bring their kids. 30% request deluxe lodging. Get more travel profile info here . . . How skiers & riders find SnowPak.com These are the top 4 search phrases that send destination skiers & ridsers to SnowPak.com based on Google analytics. ski packages ski trips ski package deals ski deals Skiers find the ski packages and deals that they are looking for on SnowPak.com. This past season we listed over 34,000 packages to resorts worldwide in our SnowPak.com package database. Skiers & riders use our database to locate and compare ski packages. From these package listings the skier/rider will click to your site, or contact you directly by phone. “SnowPak.com has been our best online advertising campaign this winter.” Tahnee Perry Director of Marketing & Technology Stay Aspen Snowmass How you can target and capture these destination skiers & riders. Not every travel company or ski resort has the same marketing needs and goals. Our marketing programs are structured with this in mind. Below is a list of the marketing programs offered by SnowPak.com. E-Mail - eNewsletter Broadcast Program E-Mail - Solo/Dedicated Program Featured Deal Listings & Links Program iPhone App 'SkiVacationDeals' Links Program Package Listings & Links Program Lodging Map Links Program FIT Quote Requests & Links Program Brochure Promotion Program - PDF & Print Banner Rotation & Links Program Navigation Bar Links Program Direct Mail Database Program All programs are available on a CPC or flat rate pricing structure to meet your budget. 1 Buy 7 Marketing Channels A very popular program with destination ski resorts is "1 Buy 7 Marketing Channels". When you sign up for the SnowPak.com "One Buy" program you automatically participate in 7 of the above listed programs for one low flat rate. See more info on this program here. SnowPak.com can put together a customized marketing plan that will fit within your budget and marketing goals. Call 954-781-4810. or e-mail from here. “We've utilized the vast SnowPak.com network of dedicated skiers and snowboarders as a reliable marketing tool for years. SnowPak.com drives consistent, qualified traffic to our website season after season." Courtney Ludden Marketing Director Jackson Hole Central Reservations
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