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Southern Arizona News-Examiner
Publisher: Southern Arizona News Examiner | Regional News, Politics, Lifestyle & Western Heritage
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    Publisher: Southern Arizona News Examiner | Regional News, Politics, Lifestyle & Western Heritage
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    Advertise in the Southern Arizona News-Examiner The Southern Arizona News-Examiner combines serious journalism, investigative reporting and thoughtful opinion with seasoned, serious journalists and broadcasters, and introduces some fresh voices. While lightweight publications are folding, SoAzNewsX.com launches as a bright star among thought leaders in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Audience SoAzNewsX.com pulls from a strong base of existing readers and listeners including KVOI’s “Inside Track”, Tucson Weekly, and many other local publications. Primarily 35 to 65-year-old adults 132% more likely to be college graduates and 26% more likely to have an advanced college degree 96% more likely to earn $100,000 to $149,000 per year 114% more likely to be a business owner or partner Why SoAzNewsX.com? Diverse journalism team lead by Emil Franzi Live, local news coverage of topics that matter Mobile and tablet happy Building from a long-established reader/listener base A commitment to your results Get in on the ground floor of new journalistic excellence in Southern Arizona. Product Home Page Channel Small Header (234 x 90) $1,200 /mo $1,000/mo Big Box (300 x 250) Leaderboard (728 x 90) Newsletter (180 x 150) Have a better idea like interactive video, take-overs and more? We’re interested!
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