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Southern In-Law (KISS Freelance)
Southern In-Law; an Australian Healthy Living, Lifestyle and Travel Blog
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    Southern In-Law
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    KISS Freelance
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    Sydney, Australia (works with companies internationally)
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  • Desktop Display, Email, Mobile Display, Search, Social, Desktop Video, Mobile Video
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    Southern In-Law; an Australian Healthy Living, Lifestyle and Travel Blog
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    Managed Service
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    Automotive, Clothing & Fashion, Consumer Packaged Goods, Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Health & Beauty, Retail, Sports, Technology, Telecommunications, Travel & Leisure
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    Southern In-Law is a healthy living and lifestyle blog which covers everything in the lives of Sydney girl, Kristy and her Southern Gentleman Jesse. We're not your average couple, or your average bloggers – we want to develop a relationship with brands so that we can share our story & our passions through our posts. The beauty of blogging as a couple is we get to share both perspectives – the female and, the not so often heard on blogs, male opinion too. Southern In-Law has an impressive readership and that’s due to a lot of hard work from us. We’ve gained the trust of our readers and they’ve fallen in love with our story. Our personal, non-nonsense approach to blogging means that our readers feel like they’re sitting down with their friends – rather than reading a run of the mill mag or column. Since its launch in June 2012, Southern In-Law has continued to break its unique visitor records each and every month without fail. As Southern In-Law covers our life as a whole, we cover a lot of topics – and the easiest way to sum it up is to say Southern In-Law is a Lifestyle Blog with a Healthy Living Focus – and we cover just about every topic you could think of. Please contact us at southerninlaw@gmail.com to find out more - we're always willing to chat about new opportunities!
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    Southern In-Law has a wide reaching audience, however, our main audience are those interested in; travel, healthy living, gluten free, allergy friendly recipes, recipes, fitness, coeliac disease, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, family, DIY, craft, photography, technology, gardening, movies, entertainment, health, food, shopping, home decor etc.

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Kristy Sayer-Jones
Sydney, Australia
Owner and Blogger
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