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Publisher: Southwest Shadow — The School Newspaper of Southwest Career and Technical Academy
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    Publisher: Southwest Shadow — The School Newspaper of Southwest Career and Technical Academy
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    The Southwest Shadow was founded January 2010 and strives to provide an accessible news source for students, parents and the outlying community of Las Vegas. We are proud members of NSPA, JEA, CSPA, and Quill & Scroll. The mission of the Southwest Shadow is simple: Post news that is relevant to our school and local community. If it is not relevant, then we are not accomplishing our goals. The Southwest Shadow makes every effort to publish new content daily, except during Winter Break (December 20 – January 6), during review week and semester exams (January 7-18), Nevada High School Proficiency Testing (March 3-7) and Spring Break (April 11-18). The final postings for the 2013-2014 school year will be May 23rd. For the 2013-2014 school year, a staff of 10 will be enrolled in Journalism II to produce the Southwest Shadow online news site and also design and compile the 256-page Southwest Howl Yearbook. This will be the first year a section of Journalism I will be offered, separate from Journalism II. Brand new students to the program will be scheduled into this introductory course and will assist the editorial board in a limited capacity during their year-long orientation to the foundations of scholastic journalism. Additionally, the Southwest Shadow/The Howl will continue their convergence partnership with the staff of Rout(e) 131 Video Production staff. The goal for this year is to increase collaboration on similar projects to complete multimedia packages to be posted to the Southwest Shadow website and aired on the Rout(e) 131 morning show. Please note: Our school is a Career and Technical Academy, therefore, we do not have NCAA sanctioned sports. We have chosen to allow sports to be covered in-depth by the local city newspapers who have the resources and manpower to visit the outlying comprehensive high schools with those programs.
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