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Publisher: The ultimate source of college basketball, college football, NFL, MLB, and NBA
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StatSheet is the sports subsidiary of Automated Insights, Inc., and a great place to see Automated Insights’ content generation and publishing platform in action.

Automated Insights was founded in 2007 and is the leading provider of high-quality, real-time content automation services (www.automatedinsights.com).

The StatSheet Sports Network was launched in November 2010. It is currently powered by a database of over 3.5 billion sports statistics and comprised of 417 fully automated web sites, 500 + Android, iPad and iPhone mobile apps, 2000+ Twitter accounts and 400 Facebook pages covering every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA Division I College Basketball and Football.

Every tweet, article and visualization on those web sites, mobile apps and Twitter/FB accounts is fully computer written and most are published in real-time.

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    Publisher: The ultimate source of college basketball, college football, NFL, MLB, and NBA
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    The StatSheet Sports Network is one of the largest collections of sports web sites and mobile applications in the world. Our technology allows us to provide detailed coverage of every team in every league that we cover (currently MLB, NFL, NBA and DI college basketball and football). Our network provides in-depth coverage of more than 450 teams with individual web sites and mobile applications for every team. And our ability to create compelling and interactive content at the individual team (and even player) level allows our sponsors to engage with fans in revolutionary ways. At the league, region or team level, we offer: Sponsored articles with the ability for branded messaging to be integrated into our stories in a contextually appropriate way Sponsored metrics, player and team rankings Sponsored interactive applications Sponsored newsletters Sponsored Tweets from over 1,000 Twitter handles High impact branding (pushdowns, takeovers, roadblocks, full-page skins) Traditional IAB ad units (728x90 Leaderboards, 300x250 Medium Rectangles) Custom programs
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    carolinaupdate.com, spartansupdate.com, themeninred.com, zipsupdate.com, bluedevildaily.com, terpsball.com, orangeupdate.com, purpleacesfan.com, thevictorsreport.com, torerosball.com, usftruth.com, butlerbluefever.com, csureview.com, dailyhawkeye.com, dailyjayhawk.com, dailywarhawk.com, hawksball.com, ninergridiron.com, nolesnation.com, novabeat.com, owlupdate.com, pantherfix.com, phinsfootball.com, scarletball.com, tcureview.com, thehawkshuddle.com, vcudaily.com, wareagleball.com, warriorreport.com, wildcatreview.com, dabearsdaily.com, seaofredreport.com, shockerbeat.com, theduq.com, tigerrunon.com, tigerpawball.com, minutemenreport.com, newbritainbeat.com, lancerreport.com, ospreydaily.com, huskiesupdate.com, huskiereview.com, hailtothehogs.com, bearball.com, zipsupdate.com, gwupdate.com, statsheet.com, littlerocknation.com, lobosfever.com, rowdyreview.com carolinaupdate.com buckeyesbeat.com dailyhorns.com, bobcatupdate.com, boltsbeat.com, bonniebeat.com aggiefix.com bamastatebeat.com, bcureview.com, bearsreview.com, beardownball.com, beaverdaily.com, bigcnation.com bluehosebeat.com bluegoldeagle.com, bluejaysball.com, blueraiderball.com, illiniupdate.com, brownfan.com, huskybeat.com, huskieball.com, huskersupdate.com, bruinball.com, explorerreport.com, bruiserball.com , butlerbluefever.com, dailypeacock.com , dailybronco.com, dailyraven.com, dailymountaineer.com, dailymusketeer.com, dailyhighlander.com, dailyruffrider.com, dairyindustries.com, dailyflames.com, dailyhokie.com, dailypaladin.com, dailydawgpound.com, dailycyclone.com, dailyjayhawk.com, dailywarhawk.com, dailyhawkeye.com, demonsdaily.com, gmenreport.com, gopherball.com, greyhoundball.com, greenwavereport.com, grizdaily.com, guinreport.com, gwupdate.com, hbureview.com, herewegostillers.com, highlanderfan.com, howboutdem.com, cardshuddle.com, cardinalsdaily.com, cardinalupdate.com, chanticleerfan.com, cheeseheadhaven.com, cougpride.com, dailyterrier.com, dailybluedemon.com, dirtybirdsdaily.com, drexeldaily.com, eaglefever.com, eagleupdate.com, knightupdate.com, lehighball.com, littlerocknation.com, billsreport.com, lobosfever.com, leopardfan.com, yotesball.com, forwardfalcons.com, patshuddle.com, phinsfootball.com, piratebeat.com, prarieviewdaily.com, prowlerupdate.com, purplecrusader.com, purpleforlife.com, purplepridepost.com volsbeat.com, redwolvesreview.com, rideemcowboys.com, usfupdate.com, usureview.com, uteupdate.com, milehighminute.com, prowlerupdate.com, sycamorebeat.com, flyingcfan.com, axeemjacks.com, herewegostillers.com uwmupdate.com, usfupdate.com, blackholebeat.com, bulldogpost.com, eaglefever.com, hatterball.com, bosshoggbeat.com, appstateupdate.com, bravefan.com, everymanatiger.com, bucsbeat.com, bucsball.com, bulldogsbeat.com, rhodyreport.com, roadrunnerdaily.com, dartmouthdaily.com, deacondaily.com, famureview.com, clawedfan.com, cofcreport.com, hooreview.com, kstateupdate.com, powercatpride.com, colonelsnation.com, colonelsreport.com, pioneerpost.com, piratedaily.com, mizzoureview.com, orureview.com, motorcityroar.com, thegeorgiag.com, seawolfdaily.com, towsonupdate.com, truebluebulls.com
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