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Publisher: Steelhead Fishing Education - How to Steelhead fish - Steelhead Fishing Articles, Reports and Advice
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    Publisher: Steelhead Fishing Education - How to Steelhead fish - Steelhead Fishing Articles, Reports and Advice
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    Because LOTS AND LOTS of people will see your ad. Upto 7.5 million hits a month on the Salmon University site, and Steelhead University is now exceeding one million hits per month and 2.5 million during steelhead season, plus we continue to grow. These kinds of numbers translate into lots of people seeing your ad and buying you're product! – Because you will increase your revenues and boost your sales & profits. How? by reaching an active, product-sensitive outdoor audience – who are constantly looking for new information, resources, and products that will help them catch more fish and have more fun. – Because we offer you more for your advertising dollar than anyone else can offer, for less. You can be marketing the greatest boat, electronics, lures, service, or resort, but if no one knows about them, it won't do you any good. – Because we go well beyond the average ad. Our ads do not end up in the recycle bin or lining the birdcage, on SteelheadUniversity.com, your ads are online and available to a captive audience 365 days a year. – Because of our multi-faceted approach to advertising, we work harder to make you money. Here are some of the vehicles that we use to make that happen: First of all, through our Pros: Steelhead University Staff are some of the most recognizable fishing experts in the Northwest. They have been featured in and written numerous articles in popular northwest fishing publications, made guest radio appearances, and have spent literally thousands of days on the water. They are immersed in the northwest fishing industry. When these guys talk, fisherman listen! On our Steelhead University web site: Much like our affiliate site Salmon University, Steelhead University will become the online resource for northwest steelhead and salmon fishing, and in turn, your product. What other fishing publication can react to changing regulations... openings, closings, fishing conditions, top tackle, proven fish catching techniques, and can update their publication day to day? Your ad on our web site gives you exposure to a broad-based flood of new customers... customers that have discretionary incomes, have the time to fish, have a desire to have fun, and customers that are technologically advanced. In our Steelhead University classes: Terry will host SU classroom classes throughout the year, with both our Basic classes and our Advanced on-the-water classes. At each class, they introduce our advertisers to captive audiences that have paid to be there to learn. We don't just publish a website and walk away, we are constantly in front of the public driving customers to the website and your product. In our printed pieces: Steelhead University Staff write articles and are featured in a number of fishing publications including Salmon, Trout, Steelheader, NorthWest Sportsman, Western Outdoors, Washington Oregon Fisherman and more!. In each article, they promote our SU sponsors. On the water: Whether in Washington, Oregon, or Canada, our Steelhead University Staff spend literally hundreds of days each year on the water, and whether they are out on the water fishing, or just coming in at the boat launch, they are constantly approached by anglers wanting to learn more about fishing techniques and new products. At every instance, they promote the sponsors of Steelhead University by talking to anglers and giving them tips on equipment, locations, and methods. We are visible to the fishing public! So why advertise with Steelhead University? Simply put, because you will make more money by advertising with us. Don't hesitate, now's the right time to hook up with Steelhead University and reach this new buying audience.
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