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Story of Pen
Story of Pen - All What You Need !!!
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    Story of Pen - All What You Need !!!
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    Story of pen. Hey wait! What are you doing? Don’t lie down. I am not your grandmother who is going to tell you a story. Oh gosh, did you really thought that I will tell you how pen was invented or how many types of pen are there or which magical pen will make you topper. No what I will tell you is what exactly this blog is all about. You all might have heard that “Pen is mightier than a sword. “ (That doesn’t mean you will carry a pen in a war) It is rightly said pen is the most powerful weapon of all time. Well in today’s generation blogging is the most powerful weapon (Weapon for expressing yourself not for war). So please welcome story of pen, a newbie in the blogging world but trust me it will become the queen bee one day. So what this blog is all about? Story of pen is places where you get everything you want expect that girls number you are stalking or next semester exam paper. It is a site where you will find stories from the young writers (what? you are also a writer, than contact me), poems by broken hearts, shayaris by love birds and flirting tips by me( yes you read it right I will help you in getting that number).
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