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Strawberry Plants is a company based out of Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, United States.

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    Sponsor By Mr. Strawberry Increase your sales related to anything “strawberry.” Strawberry Plants .org (http://strawberryplants.org) is a website dedicated to spreading knowledge about strawberry plants in order to foster a deeper appreciation for all things strawberry within the populace. And, we are succeeding! Consider our growth: The year-to-year comparisons from 2010 to the present show… * …traffic to Strawberry Plants .org has increased by over 200% each year * …page views on Strawberry Plants .org have increased by over 200% each year * …search engines have directed almost 1,000,000 visitors to Strawberry Plants .org (thru August 2012) * …an average of tens of thousands UNIQUE keyword phrases per month deliver highly targeted traffic to Strawberry Plants .org * …Strawberry Plants .org has become recognized by search engines as providing valuable information to searchers as evidenced by its ranking on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing results for keywords such as “strawberry plants,” “strawberry plants for sale,” “strawberry varieties,” “buy strawberry plants,” and a host of others So what? Why should this matter to your business? In January of 2011, Strawberry Plants .org, for the first time, opened up space for direct advertising/sponsorship. The website is positioned to receive significant, targeted traffic for a multitude of strawberry-related searches. If you are a retailer or wholesaler of strawberry products, plants, or other stock similar to strawberries (other fruit plants or nursery stock, garden supplies, seeds, etc.), this is a prime opportunity to put your brand in front of potential customers who are likely already ready to purchase what you are selling. Internet users looking for strawberry plants and other similar items often begin thinking about their purchases in January (or even earlier). Interest and searches historically peak in April or May (after steady, rapid increases in February and March) and then slowly decline until January rolls around again. See the Google Trends report below for a graphical representation of this cycle: strawberry plants trends Getting your business in front of people looking for what you have to offer so that sales can be made is the goal of advertising. Sponsoring an ad space on Strawberry Plants .org can help you do it successfully. The details… Individualized advertising solutions and/or sponsorships can be created depending on your needs. If you would like to discuss customized ad campaigns on Strawberry Plants .org, feel free to use the contact page to start the ball rolling. As Strawberry Plants .org continues to grow and expand, more targeted traffic will land here. As that occurs, the advertising space will become more valuable. The rates discussed below are introductory rates and may increase at some point in the future. At no time will the rates increase and be applied retroactively, prior to the conclusion of an agreed-upon ad run, or without the consent of a representative of the advertising individual or institution. Additionally, if advertising space becomes restricted, an auction format may be used for ad space. Introductory advertising options and rates… Two standard-format advertising options are presently available. First, 125×125 button ads are available. Second, larger 260×260 banner ads are available. These two ad formats will be located on the right sidebar of Strawberry Plants .org, with the button ads being directly under the header image (above the fold), and the larger banner ads displaying below the 125×125 button ads. These ads will display on every page of Strawberry Plants .org, except for the Privacy, Terms, Disclosures, and other similar pages. All pages containing strawberry-related material will display the ads. Also available are spaces on individual pages. The size of the available ad spaces will vary depending on the page. So, if you would like to display an ad within a page, contact us with your desired page, ad location, and ad size, and we will work with you. The introductory rates for advertising on Strawberry Plants .org are as follows: For the 125×125 above the fold button ads, the cost will be determined at the end of the advertising month based on the number of page views within that month as recorded by Google Analytics. The formula used is as follows: (PAGEVIEWS divided by 1000 times $0.50 per MONTH) (this formula makes use of CPM [cost per mille or cost per 1000 times an ad is displayed]). Using actual statistics for the month of August 2012, the cost to sponsor a 125×125 above the fold ad space would have been: 100,593 / 1000 = 100.59 x $0.50 = $50.30 for the month. (The most expensive month for 2011, according to this formula, would have cost $98.38) The 260×260 ad is more than 4 times larger than a 125×125 ad for only $1 per thousand page views. The formula (similar to the one above) is as follows: (PAGEVIEWS divided by 1000 times $1.00 per MONTH). Using actual statistics for the month of August 2012, the cost to sponsor a 260×260 banner ad space would have been: 100,593 / 1000 = 100.59 x $1.00 = $100.59 for the month. (The most expensive month for 2011, according to this formula, would have cost $196.75) The actual page views as recorded by Google Analytics for the time period (one year) from October 1, 2010, to September 30, 2011 is as follows: For banner ads on specific pages within the content, should they be desired, contact Strawberry Plants .org to work out specific plans. strawberry plants ad slots These introductory rates will likely increase at some point. Also, ad space is limited. Preference will be given to advertisers based on continued longevity and sponsorship of Strawberry Plants .org. So, act today! And, remember that people looking for strawberries or strawberry plants also buy other gardening supplies and plant stock. Advertising is not limited by category, but Strawberry Plants .org does reserve the right to reject any advertisement deemed obscene, offensive, or detrimental to the mission of Strawberry Plants .org. Should an ad or ad campaign be terminated, the statistics used for billing purposes will be calculated from the beginning of the month up to the time of termination. The advertisement should be an image file supplied by the advertiser in the exact dimensions of the ad space. If you would like to advertise but cannot generate a graphic, assistance may be available on a fee-for-service basis. Payment… Notification of the amount due to Strawberry Plants .org will be provided within 7 days from the last day of the month. The invoice will be sent via email to an email address specified by the advertiser through PayPal. Payment must be received prior to the first day of the following month. Screen captures of the statistics used in calculating the amount owed will be furnished on request. As traffic increases, the value of ad space will increase as more individuals search for and find strawberry-related information on Strawberry Plants .org. Examine the graph above for an idea of the monthly increase in both exposure and pageviews that should be expected for an advertiser sponsoring ad space year-round. Payment is to be rendered to Issachar Knowledge, LLC, the owner of Strawberry Plants .org, through PayPal.
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