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    What up people? This yo’ boi, Shem reppin’ Jersey. I write about hip hop and promote rap events. Born in ’74 I grew up during the birth ages of hip hop and to this day urban music is a part of my daily life. I like the old and new school. I respect all levels of the rap game, and definitely hold an opinion. This blog represents the current affairs of the hip hop industry and community. I try to stay clear of sharing too much gossip, rumors, or overly opinionated content because I’d rather leave that to you guys, THE COMMENTS. I tend to report on the facts and share the hottest tracks and videos in rotation today, but I do sometimes go outside the box. I consider this one of the best hip hop blogs where you can get breaking rap news and enjoy good hip hop music. Comments are highly encouraged on Street Dose pages. Comments are moderated only to eliminate SPAM, but comments are never censored or altered. All relevant comments are published within hours if not minutes, no matter how vulgar or honest the comment. To stay up to date and get ya’ daily fix of urban news, hip hop videos, and rap music follow StreetDose on Twitter and Facebook.
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