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    About Cara: carapicCara started working at the age of 16 as a fashion and print model. She won a national Ford Models competition called Supermodel of the Philippines. and three years later coveted the Miss Philippines title (known as Bb. Pilipinas) and placed in the Top 10 at the Miss World pageant. She finished her undergrad studies at the University of California at Berkeley, pursued a career in broadcast journalism, and became a news anchor, producer, reporter, and TV personality. She has been represented by ABS-CBN Global and Genesis Manila. During this time she continued to hone her creative skills in writing, digital editing, photography, and graphic design through a combination of work experience and self-study. After settling down to have a family, Cara switched careers to Technical Communications and Project Management, and currently holds management role in a medical device company. From time to time she hosts Television Shows and Special Events. Cara started blogging in 2005, but more mainstream in 2007. She is the writer, editor, photographer, and graphic artist for Stylish+Geek. What Is Stylish+Geek? Thank you for visiting my blog! However means you got here I am grateful! Now you might wonder, why such an odd name…stylish ‘plus’ geek? The short answer is it is simply describes me. But To Elaborate, Let Me Tell You My THOUGHTS ON STYLE….. As a former model, I cultivated an admiration for the fashion figures (designers, directors, assistants, stylists, photographers, makeup artists, editors, etc.) who work behind the scenes in fashion shows and editorial shoots. They have an incredible knack of putting together ensembles from black labels, trendy shops, and vintage finds that reflect their respective persona. It was through working with them that I realize the value of having your own personal style. How it becomes an efficacious medium of projecting your individuality and creativeness. And there is no specific formula. One does not have to constantly pander in brand name outfits or imitate the dressings of a famous Hollywood personality. Instead you should find inspiration in the environment, the people you meet, the movies you see, the places you travel, and many other sources, and use fashion to make a statement of who you are. Although I am no longer active in the fashion industry I still feed my affinity by reading a myriad of fashion books, magazines, dailies, and blogs. I also find observing people’s personal style a favorite pastime. I admire everyone, but I usually get inspiration from those who do not take fashion too seriously. And while I have my fashion basics down to pat, my personal style is an ever evolving process. What is essential is carrying the right attitude of confidence, grace, and a great sense of humor. Of course there is also the practical matter. Despite my exposure to high fashion, I was never privy to purchasing without being sensible. I love bargain hunting and indulging on prudent buys. Who ever said you couldn’t purchase the ‘must have’ at a ‘steal price’? So with this in mind I now express through Stylish+Geek my blithe interpretation on how fashion can project one’s style. Now Here Comes The GEEKY Part….. 424550_181723971941998_1226873074_n Before I learned about fashion and style, I was a geek. I was a geek the day I started schooling. My credentials were: Dean’s Lister, President of the Junior Librarians Club, soprano in the Glee Club, and Officer of the Chess and Science Clubs. I also dressed the part. I had boyish-cut hair, thick glasses, and a mouthful of silver braces. But things would change when I started my undergraduate studies. I outgrew my nonchalance attitude and paid more attention to my looks. I also opened my eyes to opportunities that came my way, such as modeling stints with Ford Models, Stars, Elite, and CalCarries. I had the privilege of being an ambassador of goodwill when I represented the Philippines in the Miss World Pageant. And my dream came true when I found a career in broadcast news and television hosting. Through the years I continued to be exposed to the glamour, the media, and all things glitzy. But as time went by I found myself settling down, having a family, performing the role of a wife, mom, and working citizen. And in this phase I found myself in the technical field – technology, project management, and technical communications. So it comes to no surprise that my blog is called the Stylish+Geek. I have not turned my back on fashion and all things aesthetically creative. In fact, I continue to engage, but quite prudently, in efforts that define my personal style. However, I do keep it real that my interests are also all things geeky, such as the digital arts, social media, software applications, and the latest gadgets. This blog attests to that. It’s title carries the perfect adjectives that describe me. So that pretty much sums up why it’s Stylish+Geek. I hope you enjoy my articles, visit often, and spread the word! New Reader? Here’s Some Articles To Get You Started….. Figuring out what to wear with the existing staples in your closet? Check out my STYLEBOOK…it’s chalk full of info on workhorse basics that you can mix and match. No need to drive to the mall, just shop right into your closet! Olive Oil for long lashes? Colgate White to zap the unwanted zits? I have rounded up helpful ideas learned from family, friends, and reads to bring you the absolutely essential and note worthy TIPS AND TRICKS! Want to get into RUNNING? How about YOGA? Although I am not a fitness buff (are you kidding? My husband has to drag me every time!), my articles on FITNESS AND HEALTH shares with stories on how I got (still trying actually!) myself into the path of wellness. I am in awe of the works of professional photographers and amateurs. As a budding neophyte in this area I take interest in mixing classroom/book knowledge with practical experience. My first photo book ‘PLAYING WITH THE LIGHT‘, showcased exactly that – my work born out of practice. Did you know you can take free photography lessons online? Yup, just check out THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Want to whip up a personal webpage or create one for your business? It’s free with SPLASH PAGES. Want to do some digital editing without paying a cent? PAINT WITH SUMO is the must see! And if you need more blog resources, I have compiled a list of amazing blogs to read. Just check out my BLOG ROLL!
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