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SuperKids has provided educational materials since 1996 for parents and teachers who want the best in education for their children. SuperKids provides:

Reviews and ratings of educational software
Practical and fun educational tools for online and offline use
Great apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
News about important educational issues
Views of visionaries and policymakers.

The number one reason parents give for purchasing a home computer is "education." Yet after one year of ownership, education doesn't make the top three uses reported by those same parents! Why not? Because they find it difficult to identify good educational software -- software that they find educationally valuable and that their children enjoy using. SuperKids was created to address that need.

SuperKids is published by a privately held company, Knowledge Share LLC. It is a completely independent publication - we accept no advertising for the products we review. This is your guarantee of impartiality in our reviews!

SuperKids reviews and rates educational software based on a carefully developed set of criteria. Our reviews are written by teams that include educators, parents, and children from across the United States. Our staff includes experts from Stanford, Harvard and Northwestern universities.

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    SuperKids is one of the busiest and most successful sites for children's software on the World-Wide Web -- with more than 1,000,000 visitors a month generating over 16 million pages views a quarter. Why? SuperKids provides unique educational resources for parents, teachers, and kids, including impartial reviews of children's software, math worksheets, vocabulary builders and more. SuperKids offers sponsors a powerful combination of advantages: Unique Content Keeps Readers Coming Back -- A dedicated team of parent, teacher, and children's reviewers compare and contrast the latest educational software programs each month, searching out the winners and identifying the type of child who would benefit the most from their use. Other staff members focus on developing and presenting helpful educational tools and resources. Valuable Consumer Audience -- Readers of SuperKids make up a demographically attractive audience of highly educated, upper income adults between 30 and 50. Great Brand Association -- SuperKids is a great brand to be associated with -- what parent or teacher doesn't want to have super kids?
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