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    KDDI Corporation
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    Tokyo, Japan
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      Yes No
  • Desktop Display, Mobile Display
  • Demand Side Platform
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    Japanese Demand Side Platform
  • Industries
    Financial Services, Government & Politics, Health & Beauty, Healthcare, Sports, Technology
  • Key Differentiator
    Syn. Was beyond the service of the frame up to this, and more, and is intended to pursue the lead-fusion and convenient. And created a synergy that has never been experienced in the past, we will continue to provide a new fun to everyday life. The number of smart phone service is 2.5 million or more With the smart phone penetration, convenient smart phone services are a number produced, now, smart phone service in the world is, it will climb to 2.5 million or more. s ※ 1: June App Store the number of published application that has been published in the WWDC 2014 and ? September research company AppBrain Inc. Google Play summing the number of the number of published apps announcement 2014 Smartphone services to everyday use average only eight The average number of app downloads of smartphone users 38. In contrast, the average number of apps that are routinely available eight. Many of the downloaded service? You can see that you are not mastering. ※ 2:? The number of apps you are using one or more times a week (n = 1934) . 2014年7月implementation Syn own examined Largest smartphone ever? user number of contacts A collection of high-quality services is, by cooperation with each other, smartphone ever largest user contact number (※)? It becomes. Many people thing? To use the Syn. You can strengthen the cooperation of services, to your smartphone you can deploy the new ads? optimization. ※ Syn. On the calculated by the MAU total of participating service First in the world,? introduction of the common side menu Between quality apps · WEB service of each category you will be able to navigate to? seamless. ?? And to reduce the burden of mastering multiple services, also born encounter with ?? high-quality service. Fusion between high-quality services By high-quality services to each other in each category are fused, you can create new value. For example, the calendar application When you enter a destination, the recommended route in the map application such as is automatically displayed, providing a variety of fusion
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