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Tasty Gorgeous
Publisher: Liz Loves - Recipes | Craft | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle
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    Publisher: Liz Loves - Recipes | Craft | Fashion | Beauty | Lifestyle
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    ABOUT Welcome! My name’s Liz and I’m a 31 year old textile designer and skincare enthusiast from the East of England. I spend my spare time drinking too much coffee and looking after a very demanding 6 year old lhasa apso dog. This is a lifestyle blog about my personal style, my ever increasing skincare product collection, my experiences of creating a healthy work/life balance, a few fun crafty tutorials plus some healthy (and some not so healthy!) recipes for almost every occasion. I started writing the blog in September 2009 after wanting to share with the world the things in life which I felt most passionate about – my favourite beauty products and recipes. Over the past five years the blog has grown into a platform for not only my passions but also as a place to share my everyday life experiences and opinions. Come back for a new post every Monday morning. CONTACT: Say Hello! Press / Business Contact | info@tastygorgeous.com
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