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Tenant Net
Publisher: Tenant Net - Tenants and Renters Rights - New York City
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    Publisher: Tenant Net - Tenants and Renters Rights - New York City
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    By its nature, TenantNet is a highly-targeted site. Advertisers will reach those who are interested in housing and landlord-tenant issues, particularly in New York. Advertising is also available on our sister site, Hell's Kitchen Online at http://hellskitchen.net, covering the west side of Manhattan. Like most sites on the web, our advertising uses rotating banners on many pages of the web site. Each time a page is loaded a different banner appears. If there are eight banners in the rotation, yours will appear 1/8th of the time. Banners are priced "per 1,000 impressions" and the software counts the number of times a banner has appeared. Advertisers may access a password-protected form on the web that will show them up-to-date statistics of their banner's usage. To advertise on TenantNet You will need a banner If you don't have one of your own, we can create a graphical banner for you with your logo and message. Banners usually follow the industry standards of 468 X 60 pixels, although some flexibility is allowed. You will need a Destination (Home) page Interested users can "click" on banners and be taken to a page with an advertiser's more detailed information. This can be another web site or a "business card" page we can create on TenantNet. Special Arrangements Special positioning and/or sponsorship of some pages or sections may be arranged; inquire for details. We can supply or arrange for complete web services including complete web sites, email and dial-up services. Payment and Terms TenantNet reserves the right to alter rates and terms, however rates will not change during the term of a purchase. All advertising must be paid in advance. At this time, we cannot accept credit cards. Notes Although we are increasing the available advertising pages on TenantNet, some pages may be restricted from advertising. We reserve the right to reject any banner advertisement deemed offensive or inappropriate. The banner impression display rate is dependent on many factors -- the number of users per day, the pages viewed per user, the number of pages in the available adspace and the number of banners in the rotation queue. On a "per impression" bases, you get what you pay for, whether it takes two weeks or two months to use up your purchased number of impressions. For our rate card or to arrange an advertising campaign, please email us through our contact form. Thank you.
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