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Desktop Display, Social, Desktop Video began as a publication, but has quickly become the fastest-growing gig placement and educational career resource in the music industry. With offices in Nashville, Los Angeles, and the Pacific Northwest, we are able to offer a diverse database of perfect candidates and substantial gig opportunities to each of our members and employers. Build your free profile today, to get up to date Gig Alerts to so you may be found by artist/management teams searching TMG for gig seekers like you! empowers musicians to think, to grow, 
 to lead, and to create successful careers for themselves! Here you can find gigs, post gig opportunities, find a mentor, connect with other musicians through our profile database of pros, and get real answers to your questions about the business of becoming a pro- via exclusive interviews and articles directly from working musicians, major artists, record label executives, managers, production crew, producers, songwriters, booking agents and more.

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    Join the #1 Employment Site for Music Industry Gigs.
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    In 2013, was founded for one big reason... to bridge the gap between GIG SEEKERS and an exclusive MUSIC INDUSTRY. began as a publication, but has quickly become the strongest employment website in the music industry. Since we launched our job board in October of 2015, over 30 major-label artists have used to hire their musicians and crew. Thousands of employers have joined, including recording and touring artists, artist managers, record label A&R, booking agents, casting agents, churches, production companies, cruise ships and more. Finding a gig in the music industry, up until now, has been about 'who you know'...we think it should be more about 'how good you are'. For the first time in the history of music, up-and-coming musicians and crew have an opportunity to seek and apply to major gigs in the music industry. We have bridged that gap between an exclusive music industry and YOU.
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