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Publisher: The Barefoot Nomad Travel Site: Travel, Tech, Family, Fun
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    Publisher: The Barefoot Nomad Travel Site: Travel, Tech, Family, Fun
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    We are open to sponsorship, partnerships, advertising and writing engagements. Contact us here. We have been traveling around the world since 2003, both as a couple and now as a family of four. You can learn more on our About page. Our reader base and social media following are growing every day, and attracting educated, high income readers. Our loyal followers love to travel, and trust us to lend them a helping hand with their travel and tech. Our readers follow us for: Helpful Travel Tips Family and Couples Travel Advice Fun Overviews of Travel Destinations Reviews of Resorts and Hotels Entertaining Travel Stories Career Break Help Helpful, Savvy Reviews of Technology, Gadgets and Gear Contests Community and Fun! Banner Ads We offer several banner ad areas and placements, including the header, individual page or specific spots in the header or sidebar. Featured posts and Product Reviews We retain editorial control of the post, but if you have a great product that we can endorse, and we’re a good match, we can let our readers know. We do not allow advertorials. Reviews are approximately 400-800 words in length, and include back links to your website and social media promotion. Reviews remain permanently in the archives. With backgrounds in computer programming and technical writing, we provide educated, savvy reviews of travel and technology products. Our blog is a friendly, trustworthy place for our readers. All of our reviews are honest, and we disclose to our readers if we’ve received discounted or complementary travel or products. Social Media Promotion We offer a full suite of social media promotion, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+. Contests We love to hold contests and giveaways on our blog. Contact us to have your product featured! We’ve found that contests get a fantastic response from our readers. We’ve just finished up a contest that received 6,416 entries and 1,010 tweets. Press and Social Media Trips Need professional, friendly travel bloggers to help promote your destination? We currently accept media trips. We always disclose to our readers if a trip, product or service is sponsored. Professional Writing and Editing We provide professional writing services, including blog writing, copy writing and technical writing. With over ten years experience in professional writing and editing, we deliver polished articles on time and on budget. As professional bloggers, we understand what type of content readers want. Samples of our viral posts include: 45 Great Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World And How To Get Them 166,000+ StumbleUpon views, 815 Facebook shares, 826 Tweets (including retweets from Lonely Planet) Six Quick Steps to Nailing the Cheapest Flight, 28,000 StumbleUpon views, 55 Facebook Likes, 118 Tweets Leaving the Past Behind: Why You Should Let Go While You Travel 11,000+ StumbleUpon views, 130 Tweets 25 Great Tips For Planning Your Trip From Top Travel Bloggers 12,000+StumbleUpon views, 76 Facebook shares, 273 Tweets About our Readers: The Demographics The Barefoot Nomad has a highly engaged, loyal reader base. From their emails, Tweets, and Facebook posts, we know they’re passionately curious about travel and technology. The majority of our readers have a college or graduate school education, earn over $100,000 per year, and are in the 18-44 age bracket (Quantcast).
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