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Breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert recipes!
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    Who’s the mastermind behind The Best Blog Recipes? My name is Shauna and I live in Salt Lake City, UT. I am a stay at home mom of 2 cute kids… a baby boy and teenage girl and I am married to a wonderful man who keeps me on my toes! What are my hobbies you ask? Well, I LOVE to cook. Not really for myself if I’m home alone, but for my family and friends. I love, love, love making good and yummy food that they can enjoy. On the other hand, I also like to eat out if the restaurant is good and the portions are generous. My background is in Sales & Management….. BORING so I won’t bother with that thank goodness! Being a stay at home mom is so much better! Wanna stay in my jammies all day? No problem! Wanna go shopping because the baby is crabby and needs to have a change of scenery? Done…. mall here we come! Life is good! P.S. Please don’t pin the above pictures of my family. That would be weird. Thanks! What is The Best Blog Recipes About? I decided to create The Best Blog Recipes because I was so tired of being unorganized with all of my recipes. Some are printed and put in a nice recipe binder. Some were saved to my old laptop that died a tragic death and now I can’t retrieve them or remember where I found them….. and some are in random drawers in our kitchen. Mainly I created this blog because I was tired of the endless searching for new blogs with yummy looking recipes…. and for the address of blogs I forgot to bookmark after I decided they were cool and I wanted to check them out again. Now I have an organized place to keep all of my blog information so I can access it the next time I “forget” that blog address I liked so much. What content do you focus on when choosing blogs? I love recipe blogs that have really great pictures with their food posts. I enjoy making all different types of food so I’m always on the lookout for new blogs in all categories. Why do you like blogs so much? Because I was not gifted with the creative gene and I need as much help as I can get from others! Blogs have so much great info, are usually really fun to read and have great pictures so I know EXACTLY how my food is supposed to look when I get done cooking it :) Why did you start writing a blog? It definitely wasn’t because I had a ton of spare time on my hands :-). For those of you with kids you know that your time is mostly spent as a taxi, chef, housekeeper, counselor, friend, etc….. But with all of that said, I needed an outlet. Being in the house all day can be a bit overwhelming and I’ve found that writing a blog helps me both mentally and emotionally! What’s fun about blogging? Doesn’t it eat up hours and hours of time? I actually really enjoy blogging. It makes me feel important. Like someone, somewhere out there is interested in what I have to say, or post in this matter. It’s also been super fun for me to see my little blog baby grow and take off. I’ve only been on the blogging scene just about a year now and I can’t believe how fast it’s growing. And yes… it does eat up hours and hours of my time and I lose lots of sleep because I’ve found that the best time for me to blog is after the baby goes to bed or he’s right up at the computer with me “helping mommy” by ripping the pages out of my planner and coloring with pens and highlighters all over everything that he can reach. Here we are sitting at my desk that we moved into our living room and he’s helping mommy blog! He’s a cutie but I don’t get much done with him awake, lol! Where do you find cool stuff to put on your blog? Google searches, Pinterest, emailed submissions, other blogs, in which case I state that the recipe is “via such-and-such site”. If I send you an email about my recipe, product or service, will you feature it? Only if I really truly like it, think it looks appetizing and would make it for my family. So you’re kind of at the mercy of my taste. If I pass up the opportunity to write about your recipe, you should conclude that I was not astute enough to recognize the beauty of it. It’s me, not you. But I love submissions so go ahead and send me your recipe! *UPDATE* We actually created a new Blogger Gallery site to help bloggers have a place to showcase their blog posts and to help their Google SEO! Check out our newly launched “The Best Blog Recipes Blogger Gallery” @ http://thebestblogrecipesgallery.blogspot.com/ Do you mind if I litter your blog with spam comments? Please don’t…. that would just really be annoying to me and my readers! Do you make money from blogging? Yes, my little blog baby is starting to generate $$$ and I’m very happy about that! Maybe someday this blog will be read by millions and I’ll be super popular in the blogging world. How fun would that be! And then I’d become a millionaire (ok, that one is only in my dreams but it’s good to have a goal, right?) Where do you get your photo’s and buttons from? I take all of my own photos… sometimes they turn out great and sometimes not so much. I’ve also created all of our buttons and am always in the process of re-working and tweaking them (because I might have a slight case of OCD and I’m always wanting to change things and make them look better)! Who designed your blog? Well, I did. And I hope it wasn’t that obvious. In April 2013 we did a major blog switch from Blogger to WordPress.org and I’m wishing I would have done it sooner! I love the flexibility that I have now and how much I can control the way The Best Blog Recipes looks! If I email you an interesting question, will you add it to this FAQ list, even if it’s not Frequently Asked? Try it. Put FAQ in your subject line, and if I get some good ones, I’ll answer them here.
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