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The Bold Italic is an online magazine, shop, events hub in San Francisco. We celebrate the free-wheeling spirit of the city.

We are a chorus of voices. The Bold Italic publishes first person stories by locals on issues and topics that are on the brains and lips of San Franciscans. We are not a news site, we’re a hub for conversations to be heard and discussed. Some of the pieces we publish will make you laugh. Some will have you nodding your head in agreement. And others will completely piss you off. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of The Bold Italic, but they are the true opinions, experiences, and thoughts of writers from the diverse community we live amongst. Whatever feelings our stories incite, we hope our continuing conversation will get you thinking, talking, and inspire you to share your opinions with us on living in San Francisco. If you’ve got a compelling story or perspective to share, we want to hear it. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out how to contribute your story.

We support businesses. The merchants, food carts, coffee shops, galleries, bars, and bookstores we patronize everyday are an undeniable part of how we understand and define our lives, personal spaces, and communities. It’s our mission to commemorate the greatness, beauty, innovation, and heart involved in doing business.

We inspire you to live life out in the city. There are amazing things happening around you. The content,events, and products we offer are designed to invite you to get off the computer and take part in the experiences right outside your door.

We help localize brands. Through our storytelling and bespoke experiences, we create authentic connections that bring brands to life at a personal level.

We know design matters. We understand that beautiful design uplifts. We enhance, provide valuable context, and extend the reach of our content with original illustration, photography, and thoughtful graphic design.

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    The Bold Italic is continuously striving to combine unique content, groundbreaking design, and exclusive events that inspire our readers to get out and experience the city. With a curated lens on all things San Francisco, we have the attention of avid city readers, social conveners, and creative professionals. Have a unique message that begs to be told? Get the attention of our audience through our website, blog, active social media channels, newsletter, and curated online shop. If you’d prefer to reach people face to face in the real world, partner with us on an event or let us help you craft your own.
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