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The Bozeman Magpie
Publisher: Alternative online news-source based in Bozeman, Montana
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    Publisher: Alternative online news-source based in Bozeman, Montana
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    Speed is everything. Perhaps the methodology behind The Bozeman Magpie can be boiled down to one word: expedite. It’s our derivative from two truths: first, time is luxury in the contemporary American lifestyle; second, the Internet offers a gazillion lollipop distractions. In between those monoliths, we aim to keep our readers informed about Bozeman, Montana, and the world beyond. Regarding the world beyond, please familiarize yourself with The Magpie Reader; it’s not-so-humbly intended to be “the best landing page in Montana.” Every day, first thing in the morning, we’ll present the best and most timely news, compositions, audio and video available on the Internet. After a few weeks of testing, our early adopters regard the Magpie Reader as something of an addiction in need of a daily fix. That’s just what we plan to give. Now for the acid-test results—our website stats. In early March of 2011, I reported that by holding to our projections, the Magpie would see at least see a 73% increase in our annual traffic. Simply put, we smoked that target—our analytics indicate an over 300% leap. For the period from last March through this February, our website server reports that The Bozeman Magpie welcomed 100,000 unique visitors and just a hair under 200,000 site visits. What do we propose for next year? I gotta admit, I sure like crushing expectations (even my own) and want to do it again. I’m setting our organizational goal at 200,000 unique visitors in the next twelve months. It’s lofty, sure, but so are all worthy goals. You can help the Magpie clear that hurdle—and get your brand in front of all those viewers—by starting an advertising campaign today. We offer a few easy options (with all ads including links): Our “First Class” ad placements include the top four spots in the left column of the Magpie homepage, currently our busiest zone. In addition to the latest pricing, the size (180px by 150px) is demonstrated by Example A, at right. “Econ” ads are more prevalent around our website; they include spots on the lower Homepage in addition to locations on our sectional pages (i.e. pages that are updated weekly like Perspective, Spotlight, and The Big M-T). Econ ads are illustrated by Example B. With more content than any other page, the Magpie Reader appeals to the broadest potential market. Prices for ads here are shown in the appropriate size at right, titled “Reader” and shown as Example C. By far the largest, our IAB Skyscraper spaces (160px by 600px) are available on the Gallery page only. There are two specific locations, and the premier option includes supporting the “Photo of the Week,” which pairs every week a sponsor with a small contest among our Facebook fans to identify the location of an oft-local image. Looking for something long-term? Sponsorship for our website sectional pages like Perspective, Spotlight, and The Big M-T is available. Please contact me directly for more information. And for those who just love the Dirty Bird, buying a t-shirt is the easiest way to support us. (Details are available under the Store/Donate tab.) Speed, of course, is not the only principle in evidence at the Magpie. After two years of service to the community, we’ve not yielded our stated values: the vitality of an alternative news source, our dedication to sustainability (we’ve never printed an issue), and the economic benefits of a locally owned business.
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