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The Breezy Mama
Publisher: The Breezy Mama - Breezing through Mamahood...two kids at a time
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    Publisher: The Breezy Mama - Breezing through Mamahood...two kids at a time
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    The Mama I was born on July 25, 1984, in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. My family and I moved to New Jersey when I was 2 years old, and we lived on the beautiful Jersey shore until I graduated high school. I miss it every day and hope to one day move my family back there. When I was 19, I began a degree at Penn State University. Soon after, I met my daughter’s father, got married, and had my daughter all within a year. We moved to North Carolina for a few months when he was in the Army, and when we split up, my daughter and I moved to Ohio with some family. Here we are, almost 8 years later! My college plans temporarily were put on hold, but I resumed my degree online through University of Phoenix. I currently hold an Associate’s degree in Elementary Education and am currently working on my Bachelor’s in English. I hope to soon become an elementary school teacher. For now, I am an assistant manager of a restaurant. I have been there for 7 years now. In 2010, my high school sweetheart, Ed, and I reunited over what started as a conversation on Facebook. He moved in with me and Brielle in April 2011, and we had Trenton in March 2012. I am horrible at writing these things, so I left out many details. But in short, I have not had the easiest life, nor have I had the hardest. I am a true believer that everything I have gone through was for a reason and has made me the strong woman I am today. I do not take life for granted and I cherish every moment and milestone with my kids and family. I am truly proud of the person I have become considering how many bumps I have had along the way and I absolutely love my life the way it is in this moment. 25 Facts About Me 1. I love animals more than I love the majority of people 2. I originally studied to be a veterinarian; when I had my daughter, my focus switched to teaching 3. I LOVE zebra print 4. My heart melts for anything that has the colors pink, black, and white together 5. I love photography and often wish I could do it professionally 6. I check Facebook and Instagram at least 5 times a day on my iPhone 7. Speaking of iPhone, I’m an iOS girl, definitely not android 8. I love taking walks with my family 9. I am my happiest when I am near a beach 10. If I could stay home with my kids instead of working, I’d love to have at least 4 11. I am addicted to coffee in the morning 12. I am definitely a morning person; I do the majority of my tasks for the day as soon as I wake up 13. Boston Terriers are my favorite dog breed 14. I am honest to a fault sometimes. I tell people the truth even if it will hurt their feelings 15. I get along with people easily; there are very few people I can’t stand 16. I would love to one day be able to design my own house 17. When I look at my daughter’s Barbies, I often remember how much I miss being that age and playing with mine 18. I am in love with Mater from Disney’s Cars. My dog is even named after him 19. Speaking of Disney, I’m a little obsessed. I LOVE Disney movies, and my favorite movie EVER is The Lion King 20. I am scared of spiders and fish. Not a little scared…scream-my-head-off-until-my-throat-hurts scared 21. I am also scared of cancer. My mom, grandfather, and uncle have all passed from it 22. My children are always on my brain; everything I do, I do with them in mind 23. I love making websites and often wish I had more time for them. At one point, I owned more than 10 24. I have also taught myself everything I know about HTML, graphics, blogging, etc., and began learning when I was 13 25. My favorite times are when I am at home, snuggling up with my family
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