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TheClickNetwork (The Click) is owned and operated by executives that have created and exclusively marketed some of the highest performing product offerings in Internet history. They have been featured on CNN, NY Times, Wall Street Journal and more.

TheClickNetwork only markets internally built promotions or promotions that are exclusive to TheClickNetwork. What are you waiting for?

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    At a time in our industry where 'networks' have become a 'dime a dozen', The Click Network is a necessary breath of fresh air. There is a vast vacuum in our industry space which has been left by brokering ad infinitum of already saturated advertising campaigns, ill-conceived and poorly launched networks, and an impulsive consolidation of media companies, often resulting in scenarios where the whole becomes much less than its parts. The Click Network fills that vacuum with results. For starters, we have assembled both an executive team and workforce who have truly been around the block, and who have succeeded in their prior efforts, not merely logging a lot of industry miles. With a median level of experience at approximately a decade, each of us has the know-how, persistence and unique temperament required for consistent success in our industry. Flashes in the pan are exciting but great meals each day are better! Pay for Performance Only Why pay for an empty click or 'pay and pray' on a CPM basis? There is no good reason to do so. Effective advertising campaigns are best handled on a CPA basis, thus providing you what you actually want — a customer, and the publishing channel the most efficient and greatest revenue opportunity available. There is no need to spend a minimum amount or pay for media via a metric which only serves to guarantee income on our end. We take a collaborative approach right from the onset with our advertising partners. Quality Distribution We have the potent publishing channels which can generate both quality and quantity traffic on your behalf. For every highly screened, verified publisher who is granted access to The Click Network, we turn away an average of twenty, allowing only bona-fide, experienced, reliable publishers access to our advertisers. Once admitted to The Click Network, our affiliate specialists then work hand in hand with our publishers, strategizing the best media placements for specific campaigns. Additionally, we monitor all traffic through a proprietary technology and with another traditional and proven method — our eyes — to insure the highest quality and detect the occasional instances of fraud.
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