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The Cloth Diaper Report
Publisher: The Cloth Diaper Report — Cloth Diapers, Baby Gear, Green Parenting
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    Publisher: The Cloth Diaper Report — Cloth Diapers, Baby Gear, Green Parenting
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    I consider myself a bit of a renaissance woman and I am a military wife, mother, musician, therapist and crafter to name a few. It was very important to me after I had my daughter that I be at home with her as much as possible during her early years, so I only continued very part time work, especially with my husband deployed in Iraq. Writing reviews and researching products fed my scholarly side and gave me satisfaction as a wife and mother knowing I was doing my part to find the best products for my family. As I continue my journey in motherhood I care more than ever about the products I purchase for my family, the food we eat, our health and the environment. My goal is to find some of the best and most interesting products for my family to share with you and to be a resource and inspiration to growing families. I am a severe car wreck survivor, along with my daughter, and am a huge advocate of safety and any product that safeguards my family. This is not limited to car seats and baby gear, but also the products we use on an every day basis from toys to toiletries. Ironically, it was a recall of our baby crib that had me on the highway headed to the store to get a replacement when a speeding car lost control and flew across the median into us. I have learned that there are so many things in life and parenthood that are out of our control that we need to do the best we can to provide top quality products and resources for our families. This is something we can have control over and top quality doesn’t always mean it will break the bank. Our son joined our family Christmas Day 2010 and baby sister arrived in 2013 while my husband was serving another deployment. It has been interesting to have children with different personalities and preferences to get an even broader view of the products that can make life with a growing family a little easier and more fun. To read more about my green parenting aspirations, advice and adventures be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or get updates via email. Have a question or have a product that you think will make the cut for our family? Email me at emi AT theclothdiaperreport DOT com or stop by my PR page.
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