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    The Official site of Dawg Fans
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    Aug 1, 2009: Welcome back to The Dawgbone! (new address: www.thedawgbone.com). Thank you for your patience as we have been working on improving the site. Our goal is to deliver the best Dawg news on the planet updated hourly by constantly combining the news and blogosphere. Over the next few weeks we will be adding some new features to improve the delivery of the Dawg news so please bear with us during this process. When we recently decided to take a break from maintaining the site, we thought it was for good. That changed when Mr. Greg Blue asked us to reconsider. How could we let Mr. Blue down? He was and always will be THE inspiration for The Dawgbone! Enjoy the site and we welcome any feedback you may have. Go Dawgs! Mission: To Provide Vital Dawg News To Dawg-Starved Dawg Fans Dawgbone.Net was launched on November 14, 2003 with the goal of providing Dawg information and daily Dawg news to Dawg fans worldwide. Run by some of the most dedicated Dawgs around, Dawgbone.Net will specialize in providing Dawg-related links, Dawgbone commentary, Dawg food action photos, and much more. While Dawgbone.Net is supportive of all of the University of Georgia's athletic teams, we will focus primarily on football, men's basketball and baseball. Expect many changes to the site as it grows over time. One thing that won't change though is our mission: to provide vital Dawg news to Dawg-starved Dawg fans. email: uga@dawgbone.net
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