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The Digital Latina
Publisher: The Digital Latina | The Digital Latina: Family adventures, easy recipes, and lots of fun!
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    Publisher: The Digital Latina | The Digital Latina: Family adventures, easy recipes, and lots of fun!
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    Hola! I’m Rachel and I’m known as The Digital Latina. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always kept a journal. Documenting my life has always been a way for me to get to know myself better and get to enjoy every significant moment in my life over and over again. I believe that we all need an outlet where our creativity, random thoughts and dreams should live and dance. This space I call The Digital Latina is my journal except there is no key. I’m here to share my life stories, my experiences and my knowledge in certain areas and hope to inspire and empower you along the way. I am by no means an expert but can offer you my opinions from experience. - See more at: http://thedigitallatina.com/about#sthash.Hz89EJEo.dpuf My passion for blogging comes from the need to help others. I started blogging on Blogger years ago. My blog was private, can you believe it?! I used it to document my life as a new mom. I was confused and felt a little alone at the time but the blogosphere quickly changed that. I’ve made real friends with some amazing individuals, work with huge brands and most importantly, I keep learning a little more about myself with each stroke of the keyboard. I’ve grown a lot in these interwebs. ;) It means everything to me in making a positive impact on someone’s life. Many people need to be uplifted and inspired because life isn’t easy. We should all be a helpful and positive force in each others lives. - See more at: http://thedigitallatina.com/about#sthash.2yMrBPlc.dpuf My affair with social media began a few years ago and I’ve been able to check off many things I’ve had on my bucket list. From traveling to beautiful parts of the country with my little ones and opening up their appetite to different cultures and traditions to making a personal dream come true by cooking and working alongside a Master Chef, there is never a dull moment in my life. Social Media is how our generation and future generations will communicate and I don’t want to miss a beat! - See more at: http://thedigitallatina.com/about#sthash.2yMrBPlc.dpuf But my life doesn’t stop at being a blogger, I’m also a … Proud mom to a beautiful little girl – my world “Titi” to a few very special boys & girls – catch them around on the blog Paralegal during the daytime hours Assistant to the one and only Chef Daisy Martinez Latism NYC Chapter volunteer DOE Borough President Appointee on the CEC for District 15 Proud Girl Scout Mom Foodie Photographer Adventurer I hope you enjoy this space and become comfortable enough to share your own stories with me. Feel free to comment and share on anything you find interesting. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading. I look forward to getting to know you! XO, Rachel - See more at: http://thedigitallatina.com/about#sthash.2yMrBPlc.dpuf
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