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    About Hey there, I’m Brittany and if you want to know why I blog and a little bit about my life, you’re on the right page! The Domestic Geek Blog started in September of 2012, shortly after Aliceana was born. I started blogging with hopes that I would be able to get in touch with families that had children (like Aliceana) who were diagnosed with the rare disease NEHI. At the very least I wanted an outlet where I could share how we got through each day with a little one dependent on oxygen tanks. Aliceana had gotten through all of her hurdles with health conditions extremely early at only 5 months (doctors predicted the need for oxygen for about 5 years.) At that point I had built this wonderful community and I didn’t want it to end. This blog is almost like my second child, almost. Now I do still chat about parenting, but I’ve expanded to sharing recipes, all about my geeky lifestyle, and my favorite products. I’m definitely a foodie, I bake all the time and cook at least 2 from scratch meals a day. When we go on vacation we’re most excited about the restaurants to try than the famous landmarks (a great slow cooked and messy BBQ sandwich definitely beats any monument.) What defines a geek and why call myself The Domestic Geek? I love the idea that being a geek doesn’t necessarily mean that you play geeky board games or love Star Wars (oh, but I do!) Being a geek means you’re so passionate about something that you obsess and learn every component there is to that subject. That being said I’m a huge lover of tabletop board games (Castle Panic, Munchkin, Drakon,) video games (Gears of War, Borderlands, Dragon Age,) Sci-Fi (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Fringe,) Fantasy (Lord of the Rings,) technology (I’m loving everything that Google and Samsung put on the market,) and lately I’ve been spending all of my extra money on Magic the Gathering cards (I’m awesome at drafting, and I built a green/white heroic deck that could kick your butt.) I’m a huge social media geek as well, I spend all of my free time learning all there is to know about the latest social media trends. There are always new social media platforms emerging and tricks for old platforms to be learned. I also love going to blogging conferences, I’ll be at BlogHer 14 in San Jose this Summer. You’ll hear quite a bit about my family in posts. First you have AJ my husband with a beard so fabulous that I often give it it’s own gifts on holidays, he’s a blogger too (my husband, not his beard) he blogs over at The Domestic Beast Blog. We’ve been together almost 6 years and married for 3. Then there’s Aliceana, who may or may not have gotten her sometimes sassy attitude and clumsiness from me, but her looks are all AJ and she’s already half as tall as I am. We have two dogs Buddy our yellow lab and Trio our German Shorthaired Pointer, they’re both bird dogs but polar opposites. family That’s pretty much my blog and life, for more updates subscribe to my monthly newsletter and Bloglovin feed. If you really want to stalk me, and I’m sure you do, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you want to get in touch, you can e-mail me at – thedomesticgeekblog@gmail.com Fellow gamer? Feel free to add me, here are my gamer tags. Playstation- ubermage Xbox- ubermage23 (told you I’m a geek.)
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