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Publisher: The Fitchen | A food blog focusing on easy, healthy recipes.
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    Publisher: The Fitchen | A food blog focusing on easy, healthy recipes.
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    Welcome to The Fitchen. Jordan [on the left] does the writing and photography while Clark develops the recipes and handles the technical aspects of the blog. The grocery shopping, prep, and cooking is all a joint effort. We’re a 20-something married team based in a little Brooklyn kitchen, though we grew up in Indiana. That’s where I met Clark in my parents’ bowling alley when we were 14 years old! Somewhere in the time since we met and hit it off, making food became one of my favorite things to do with Clark. I don’t put a label on my diet or try to strictly adhere to a certain set of rules. I strive to eat healthy, whole foods. Organic, no chemicals, no processing, and all real. That’s what you’ll find here. Everything from kale salads and veggie burgers to gluten-free coffee cake and apple pie. All of the recipes are gluten-free unless stated otherwise and you can expect [mostly] healthy food. Occasional indulgences, such as cookie dough ice cream and cocktails may pop up here and there. My mission is to share our experiences with food and our favorite recipes. I want to inspire and encourage other people my age to try their hand at cooking. Step away from the microwave. Forget McDonald’s. Cook for yourself. Feel better. It’s time to get out of our comfort zones and into the kitchen.
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