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    About Me Hi, my name is Debra and like many other moms out there, I’m a harried one. So first off, thanks for taking the time to come to my page and find out a bit more about me. What you’ll read here is about the life and times of me and my family, share thoughts and ideas about different aspects of parenthood combined with a bunch of other randomness. So who am I? I’m a married mom of two kidlets, a seven-year-old son and four-year-old daughter, and we call northern NJ home. I was born and raised a Jersey girl, but I’m not some aspiring real housewife of NJ. Aside from my mommy CEO duties, I have a full-time career in entertainment PR outside the home. My husband is both patient and supportive – and he truly is my partner in life. He’s originally from Colorado and had quite a culture shock moving to the Jersey burbs. After eight years, he’s still adjusting to the never ending list of chores and fix-it projects and other surprises of being a homeowner. Both he and I work in the entertainment industry, he as a writer/producer and I on the public relations end of things. This results in lively industry discussions such as the “hits” and “misses” of the Fall TV season, what Hollywood starlet scandal is worthy enough to be on the cover of the latest weekly tabloid magazine, which reality TV star is in desperate need of an image makeover, the latest “must read” or bestselling book to be made into a bad movie and the merits of political satire and its impact on the voting practices of Americans. I threw you for a loop there with that last one, but that really is a topic we discuss! My son is my golden boy, literally, he’s got blond hair and blue eyes. I’ve spent many years and lots of good money just trying to attain his perfect crown of golden locks! The way to this boy’s heart is anything LEGO, Skylander, Star Wars and dinosaurs, in other words, your typical guy. As he often tells me going to school sometimes is “really super hard,” trying to follow rules, doing math and having to go to a special table at lunchtime to eat his beloved peanut & jelly sandwiches! He is sweet, loving and knows how to make me laugh like no other person in the world. My daughter is already conquering the world. She is bold, independent with a big personality and smile to match! She is an instant favorite wherever she goes. On a daily basis I’m amazed at what she does. She is a mistress of many things – singing, dancing, skipping, gymnastics & soccer. And what gal doesn’t go from playing Cinderella to Super Heroes to My Little Pony to Power Rangers all in a one-hour play span?!?! So I hope you’ll come along with me on this ride family life…post, ask questions and we’ll have a lots of fun!
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