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    Who Is Kerrie McLoughlin? Kerrie McLoughlin is the fun-loving homeschooling mama of 5 amazing kids and wife to the long-suffering Aron McLoughlin, her husband of 15 years. She has written for over 130 regional parenting magazines since 2009. A Kansas City native, she is also the author/compiler of the ebook "Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines: Make Money to Write About Your Kids," currently in the 5th edition. She loves to take on original assignments from parenting magazines all over the country and still writes her own pieces and submits them to regional parenting magazines whenever the urge strikes her.You can also find some fun, original posts from Kerrie over here at Bubblews, where she also gets paid to write. She loves taking on proofreading assignments (ebooks, blogs, term papers, novels and more) from Fiverr, as she missed being the Error Police when she was a working girl in public relations and other places pre-kids. You can read about her Proofreading Love Affair here! Click the Proofreading tab if you need her services! If you can't get enough Kerrie, her humorous life blog is at TheKerrieShow.com, and she spends quite a bit of time over at Make Money From Home writing about the life of a WAHM. She also blogs at Homeschooling Mommybot. You can reach Kerrie at mommykerrie@yahoo.com. Below is a Q&A you can use on your own site to help promote "Make Money to Write About Your Kids." How long have you had your business? Since late in 2009, when I was pregnant with my 5th child. What led you to pursue it? I've always loved writing, and once I hit a certain point in being a mother I realized I had much to say and much advice to give! Also, it's the perfect thing for an attachment parenting mama to do ... nursing while typing is no problem! Plus, I now homeschool, so I can be with my kids and write. Are you full time or part time? Part-time probably until all my kids are out of the house, but lately I am able to find more time while they sleep! How do you market your business? The typical social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, various blogs. What is your favorite part of the business? Too many favorites! It's portable and I can do it on my own time and do as much or as little as I want or am able to do . I love being able to homeschool the kids while being with my traveling-for-work husband sometimes. What one question do you get most from people about your business? How much money can you make? So I put that monthly on my blog, Make Money to Write about Your Kids. I'm very honest. I started getting really serious in April of 2013, then made about $1300 in May. Check it out. I also list my sources of income with links so you can do what I do if you so desire! What one myth or misconception do you want to dispel about the work you do? That you can't make good money as a writer. If you have many balls in the air, and you are organized, you can do it! What advice do you have for others who want to get into a similar opportunity? Keep at it and don't get discouraged and don't worry about rejection ... keep moving forward. If you have many queries and writing opportunities and ebooks in the works and are writing every day, you will get better and you will sell work.And please don't languish in the content mills! You are worth more money than that! What is the first step? If you want to write for regional parenting magazines for clips and money then work your way up to nationals like Parents, Working Mother and the like, get my ebook! Just get your stuff out there. There are so many different ways to freelance! For instance, my regional parenting work led to writing a marketing manual for an editor who had another business. It also led to Contently.com, where I wrote great-paying blog posts for companies for a short time.
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