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    Category Archives: Marketing & Advertising Friday Five – August 29, 2014 Written on August 29, 2014 by adamkmiec in Marketing & Advertising 0 Comments - Leave a comment! Want to See Aziz Ansari’s Next Stand-Up Show? Check Twitter, Then Give Him Your Phone Number. http://on.recode.net/1lyPuht Talk about a heck of a promotion and a great use of twitter to build personal relationships and tap in to your most rabid fans. “Here’s how it works: Ansari sends out a message from his Twitter account, telling fans who live in Chicago to head to his site, where they enter their cellphone numbers, which enters them into a lottery for tickets — all without knowing where the show will be. When Ansari did this in San Francisco, he got 35,000 signups in three days.” A closer look at the #Emmys http://bit.ly/1lyNvtx Social and TV, go together like beer and brats, BBQ and bourbon, and of course happy and healthy. The twitter insights team composed a detailed breakdown of how viewers tweeted, during the Emmy’s. “There were 1.1 million Tweets about the show (+-3 hours) during the live telecast (8-11 p.m. ET) according to Nielsen.” Not too shabby, eh? Newcastle Asks Fans For Photos, Which It’ll Convert (Very Badly) Into Ads http://mklnd.com/1piMcyC Must have beer on the mind…I know, it’s the 2nd beer themed content for this week’s Friday Five, but it comes from Heineken’s competitor: Newcastle. They’re asking fans of Newcastle to submit photos, which Newcastle will turn into ads to promote their beer. This is crowdsourcing at its finest. It’s a simple and cost effective way to scale content, while making the customer part of the brand experience. If a Self-Driving Car Gets in an Accident, Who—or What—Is Liable? http://theatln.tc/1piNTMu Bonus time!!! Yes, this week you get 6 in Friday Five. This is just such a cool and interesting article. As the ideas of self-driving vehicles starts to become a reality for consumers, who’s to blame when an accident happens? The answer might surprise you! E-Commerce Is Not Eating Retail http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/08/e-commerce-is-not-eating-retail/ This article will make you feel great about the direction we’re taking. It’s not about Ecommerce vs retail; it’s all about serving the needs of the Omnichannel customer. Think “and”, not “or”, when it comes to commerce.
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